15 Best Victorian Shirts

Being a gentleman during the Victorian era required the need for some good quality shirts especially the white ones. The rural and simple population preferred the darker colors which would not get spoiled easily. 

The types of shirts that were popular at that time were button-up shirts, yoke shirts, bib front shirts, with collar and without collar shirts. Wingtip collars and a stiff front were the features of the formal shirts. The casual ones featured a soft collar and wide loose fit. 

There are a variety of options available online that you can choose from ranging from style to budget. We are going to have a look at some of them. 

15 Best Victorian Shirts

Edwardian Collar Dress Shirt

This Victorian-style collar shirt is made from cotton fabric which makes it comfortable to wear during all the seasons. The button closure and the round turndown collar style gives it the Edwardian look. The four colors available for this product are natural, tan stripe, navy stripe, and black and white stripe. 

You can pair it up with trousers or jeans, both look amazing with this shirt. You can also wear a waistcoat to complete the vintage look. This is available in sizes small to triple XL. You can machine wash it in cold water or give it to a dry cleaner. The full sleeves shirt can be worn at formal events or as daily casual wear. Great for offices, parties, and any special occasion. 

High Collar Dress Shirt

This men’s shirt is made from 100% cotton fabric and is a great choice to be worn during the warmer seasons as the fabric will help keep you cool. A great solution to your costume party needs. The features of this vintage shirt include a three inches tall collar, so you can wear your preferred bow tie or cravat with it.

 The full gathered back portion along with the bib front portrays the fashion of the Victorian era perfectly. It also features convertible cuffs and a placket. You can wear it alternatively with collar studs and cufflinks. Washing in cold water or dry cleaning is recommended for this product.

 This white-colored shirt is available in sizes ranging from small to triple XL. You can pair it with black trousers to look amazing.

Men’s Round Club Collar Shirt¬†

Available in three colors, white, natural, and black, this Victorian collar shirt is made from 100% cotton. The dress shirt includes full button closure in the front. There are two-button adjustable cuffs. The elegant metal buttons and the pleated front portion makes it a perfect Victorian-era shirt. 

You can wear this one with its collar up which makes it a delicate version of the high stand collar shirt. This product is also available in taller sizes for those men who want extra length in their sleeves and the body. The sizes available for this Victorian shirt vary from small to 3X. 

You can pair it up with Edwardian fashion vests and trousers with neckties. It is advised to machine wash or dry clean it. This shirt can be worn as both formal and casual wear. You can wear this 1800 style dress shirt during a party or a wedding as well. 

Men’s Ruffled Dress Shirt

This pirate fashioned medieval Shirt is available in six colors, beige, two shades of black, and three shades of white. A great choice for your cosplay and renaissance themed parties and fairs. You can wear this costume dress at Halloween for the more gothic look of a pirate or a vampire. 

The Victorian shirt features long puffy sleeves, ruffled cuffs and front, loose-fitting, and adjustable lace cuffs. The sizes available for this shirt vary from M to 2XL. Although the shirt is a slim fit, the fabric is breathable and stretchable so you can comfortably wear it for longer hours. 

This frilly shirt can be worn by men during the hot summer season as well as the fabric keeps them cool. This product is suitable for occasions such as cosplays, Halloween, masquerade, themed weddings, and many more.

Wing Tip Collar Shirt

This tuxedo shirt for men is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Bow Tie and cufflinks are included in the product. The features include a wingtip collar, pleated front portion, and a button front closure. The cufflinks and the bow can be removed for wearing this dress shirt in some other manner. 

The fabric of this product takes care of your comfort and the breathability of it makes it possible to wear this in any weather. This Victorian shirt is suitable for all kinds of formal events, including office, meetings, and weddings. 

This men’s shirt is available in two shades of cream, two shades of black, and two shades of white. The product is wrinkle resistant. You can dry clean it or machine wash, whatever suits you. 

Bib Collar Tuxedo Shirt

This dress shirt is going to keep you cool and comfortable because of its fabric that consists of 97% Supima cotton, and 3% elastolefin. This long-sleeved shirt is available in white color that can be paired with any colored pants and tailcoats for a Victorian outlook. You can machine wash the product. The stretchable fabric helps in resisting wrinkles. 

Other features include a 10-pleat front panel, a spread collar, French cuffs, black studs that can be removed in the down center front placket, and the cuffs. It is a slim fit shirt that fits close to the body with a slight taper from chest to waist. 

The soft fabric is responsible for the enhancement of the features with every wash and wear. A great choice for formal events and weddings. The white color can be paired with any color pants and coats. 

Western Lace-up Shirt for Men

This Amazon product has a touch of both medieval as well as the modern era. This long sleeves shirt is available in colors like khaki, black, coffee, dark green, dark grey, light khaki, white, green, red wine, and army green. It is accessible in sizes S to XXL. The fabric used in the making is 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It is machine washable. 

The drawstring closure gives it a funky look. The shirt is very comfortable to wear, even during a hot summer day, it keeps you cool because of the cotton fabric. You can wear it with casual trousers, kilt, or jeans, whatever you wish. The sporty casual look of this shirt makes it suitable for more casual occasions like vacations, clubs, and parties. You can also wear it for any sporting event as well.

Victorian Undershirt for Men

This dress shirt for men features a Victorian-style wingtip collar stud and cufflink. This white colored shirt can be paired with your formal pair of trousers or Victorian pants for a themed wedding or a party. You can also wear it to parties. This shirt is available in M, XL, and 4XL sizes.

 The fabric is pure cotton which ensures quality and comfort to you. You can wear it under blazers, coats, and tailcoats. It is suitable for all kinds of formal events. It comes with a button closure in the front.

 The shirt is designed in the image of Victorian undershirts, and the wing tip collar neck style portrays the era perfectly. There is a metal stud in the front and a tab in the back portion for holding your tie in place. The bib front portion and fully gathered back portion are other features from the era. 

1800s Linen Shirt for Men

This vintage shirt is available in 10 colors, beige, white, black, dark grey, navy blue, light blue, grey, coffee, army green, and wine red.  The sizes available for this product vary from S to XXL. The fabric is a blend of 55% linen and 45% cotton. It can be both machines washed and hand washed. It comes with a button closure in the front portion and features a henley neck style.

 The lightweight and soft fabric is wrinkle-free and does not shrink or fade. The other features include a stand collar and long sleeves that can be rolled up for a handsome look. This casual shirt featuring solid colors is suitable for the spring and autumn seasons. You can wear this with dress pants or jeans. Wear it to casual or semi-formal occasions to get compliments.

Ruffled Costume Shirt

This steampunk costume shirt for men is available in three shades of black and three shades of white. The sizes vary from small to double XL. The fitting is true to size so you can order your usual size for this product. 

If you are wondering what to wear this Halloween or an Edwardian themed wedding or school dances where you are required to dress up like a Victorian gentleman, then you can choose this one for casting an effect over your friends. It comes with a button closure in the front portion.

The fabric used is a blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex which gives you a soft wearing experience. Hand wash is recommended for this product and you should avoid bleaching it at any cost. Wear this stretchable gothic shirt to cosplays or Christmas, stage performances, and dress-up parties.

Western Bib Shirt for men

Available in four eye-catching colors, blue, black, natural, and red, this bib shirt features 100% cotton fabric which gives you a comfortable wearing experience. The sizes for this product vary from small to 4XL. Other features include a front button-on bib, heavyweight fabric, and long sleeves.

This dress has got an authentic western look. The shirt has a pullover style with a four-button placket bib underneath. The bib buttons are large and silver-toned. There are matching smaller buttons on the front portion of the shirt and cuffs. There is a straight back yoke with extended tails. You can wear it to costume dress parties, pairing it with other accessories from western fashion. 

Collarless Casual Dress Shirt

Made from polyester and spandex, this Victorian-style shirt is available in a multiple color range. The black one looks authentic and formal in all manner. It has a front button closure and the sizes vary from small to double XL. Bleaching is not recommended for this product. You can hand wash or machine wash it inside out in cold water. 

Featuring long sleeves, this is an authentic choice for a wedding or formal occasion. The good quality breathable fabric gives you comfortable wearing and slim fit beautifully highlights your body curves. It is a great choice to wear during the spring and autumn seasons. Other features include a standing collar, chest pocket, and solid colors. Wear it to dates and parties for a handsome look.

Kennington Shirts for Men

This vintage shirt is made from 100% cotton and is available in colors like grey, acid blue, blue, khaki, navy blue, white, and wine red. The accessible sizes for this product are XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The shirt has long sleeves that could be folded up for a more fashionable appearance. 

The breathability of the fabric makes it suitable for hot seasons as well. It comes with a button closure in the front. The fashion plaid with a button-down design gives it a casual and sporty look. A very comfortable choice is suitable for occasions such as business, casual parties, sports events, and dates. 

You can present this to someone as well on their birthday or anniversary. Hand washing in cold water is recommended and bleaching should be avoided. You can wear this with trousers or jeans.

Victorian Mandarin Collar Shirt

Available in colors such as black, blue, grey, red, and white, this dress shirt is a solution to your formal and semi-formal needs. It comes with a button closure. The sizes of this vintage fashioned shirt vary from small to double XL. The fabric used in the making of this product is a blend of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. 

Washing in cold water is recommended. The slim fit looks gorgeous on the body and the breathable fabric makes it comfortable to wear in every season. The band collar shirt can be worn to occasions such as work, business, meetings, weddings, casual parties, dates, and special occasions with families. You can present it to your dear ones as well. 

Victorian Collar Dress Shirt

Available in 12 attractive colors such as black, beige, burgundy, clear blue, deep blue, navy blue, purple, red, silver-grey, two shades of white, and wine red. You can buy this shirt in sizes S to XXL. Machine wash or hand wash is recommended. Dry cleaning helps in preserving the fabric of the shirt for a longer period. 

The features of this vintage shirt include button closure, long sleeves, slim fit, and high-quality silk-like satin smooth fabric that gives you a comfortable and breathable wearing experience. The floral rose print makes it suitable for wearing during special occasions such as wedding parties, proms, homecoming, Christmas or dinner dates, stage shows, club nights, and concerts. 

You can wear it in the summer, spring, and autumn seasons and can wear it as an undershirt during winters as well.

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