Great Gatsby Men’s Clothing

The vintage fashion is making its way back to our wardrobes. And since the 2013 movie, The Great Gatsby, the men’s clothing style is getting inspired by 1920s men’s fashion. Apart from the themed parties, the Gatsby look is quite popular on other formal occasions as well. 

The suits, shoes and accessories for men’s attire, from the 1920s style, can be worn to the offices as well. And if you want to adopt the style of the characters from the Great Gatsby movie, there are various options available online. Let us have a look at them.

1.Great Gatsby Style Suits

A 4-6 buttoned suit is a popular one from the 1920s men’s wardrobe. Often light colours such as grey, brown and light blue are suitable to wear in the summers. The darker ones and double-breasted Gatsby themed suits can be worn during the winters or for important meetings. The lapel suits can be worn in the themed parties to get a 1920s look for guys. 

Men’s 3 Piece Classic Tweed Herringbone Check Grey Navy Slim Fit Vintage Suit

This slim-fit gatsby suit is made up of 90% polyester and 10% wool. This will look great on you if you have an important meeting or presentation to attend. This Gatsby look will go great with occasions such as weddings and proms as well. You can even wear it to church. 

The tweed suit is complete with blazers, waistcoat, and trousers. This wool-blended suit comes with herringbone texture famous for vintage style suits. The suit is designed to have navy trim and check-pattern. This slim fit suit fits perfectly on your body and gives you a classy look from the gatsby era. 


Historical Emporium Men’s Norfolk Wool Blend Herringbone Tweed Jacket

This single-breasted tweed jacket has got more of the middle-class men’s fashion from the 1920s style. If you are getting ready for the look of a middle-class man from that era for the Gatsby-themed costume party, then this could be an ideal choice for you. 

The fabric of this woollen blend suit consists of 40% acrylic, 35% polyester, and 25% wool. The satin interior is fully lined with 100% polyester. Apart from costume parties, you can wear it for adventurous outdoor activities such as horse-riding. The belt at the waist is removable and large side pockets come with button closure where you can keep small things to take along with you.


2.Gatsby Themed Men’s Vests

It is important to get a matching vest for your suit if you want to sketch the gatsby tone. The wealthy class always used to wear suits with matching vests back then. But vests could be worn without the suit as well.

 If you are the best man in a wedding or are going to a semi-formal event or sitting in your personal office space without any important meeting to attend to, you can wear a Gatsby themed vest and look as precious as on any other occasion.

Ruth&Boaz 2Pockets 4Buttons Wool Herringbone Tweed Tailored Collar Suit Vest

This slim-fit collar suit vest is going to look great if you wear it with a matching suit over. This one has got the class and will not fail to get you the silent nods from other men in the room. The fabric is 50% wool and 50% polyester.

 This Gatsby look vest has got two real side pockets and the back is satin with adjustable belt provided with it. It is a great match to wear to weddings to exhibit class and style, which was the motto of the 1920s great gatsby fashion. It is available in different classic colours for you to choose from. Wear it to your workspace and have a command over the board. 


Men Slim Fit V Neck Double Breasted Business Casual Waistcoat Suit Vest Formal Wedding

This one has got the look as if it has been taken out of a rich man’s wardrobe just like the ones portrayed in the great gatsby movie. You can wear it to your business meetings and cast a spell, or you can wear it to weddings, church or more casual meetings like prom nights. This will steal the thunder out of others’ looks. 

This simple aesthetic look suit has got elegance and class combined and is suitable for any occasion you choose. The classic collar design and the slim fit is the icing on the cake. Get this gatsby outfit and turn your wardrobe into something classy.


3.Gatsby Fashioned Pants for Men

Single pleats, classic width, button flies, and cuffed hems at the ankle, these were the definition of 1920s men’s apparel as far as pants are concerned. Belts were not that popular although they were coming into fashion. The button-up suspenders was largely preferred back then.

 It is quite hard to find 20s style pants as they are high-waisted and today pants settle at hip only. But if you have to wear it to some 20s themed costume party, you can have them made customised or rather visit online stores that have got plenty of styles for you blended with modern fashion. 

Scully Men’s Rangewear Canvas Pant

This has got the precise style Gatsby-themed costume pants. Wear it to the themed parties or casual parties. It will look great with formal shirts and/or matching suits. You can wear it as a costume during Halloween as well. Just put on some spooky style over it and go into the party being a ghost of Gatsby! 

The fabric is 100% cotton hence, the comfort is assured. The notch waistband comes with suspender buttons, rear belt and buckle that are adjustable, and one rear welt pocket on the right side. The front portion has got a button fly, two riding pockets and one watch pocket. 


Tiglio Black Wide Leg, Pure Wool Dress Pants 

These are the perfect Gatsby style dress pants which have got wide-leg which provides enough room so you can work any kind of job in these without being uncomfortable. The Italian wool provides you warmth in cold weather as well and at the same time make you look stylish.

 The doubly inverted pleats, buttoned front belt loops, and flap back pockets symbolize the clothing style from the 20s. The tabbed belt loops are provided for you to put on a belt to make it fit better and you can wear it without a belt as well as the men in the Gatsby era did.


4. Gatsby Look Men’s Shirts

No matter which class they belonged to, every man during the 1920s wore a French cuff shirt with cuff links along with suits. The two main choices included pointed collars and round club collars. The white colour shirt displays the vintage look under suits. But there are various other colours as well which look equally tasteful. 

They are an excellent choice for some special occasion or if you have to perform a play on a stage that requires you to exhibit a Gatsby style, you can approach the online platforms for the best collection. 

Amazon Brand – Goodthreads Men’s Standard-Fit Long-Sleeve Band-Collar Oxford Shirt

This oxford shirt is made up of 100% cotton which will be so soft on your body and can be worn in all seasons. You can wear it to your office but it has got more of a casual look. Hence, you can wear it in casual meetings, parties, clubs, and weddings.

 You can also wear it to go outdoors for running errands as well. Or this could be paired with 20s costumes to portray a Gatsby themed men’s attire. The features include casual style buttons in front, box-pleated back, band collar, left chest pocket, modifiable barrel cuffs and a standard fit. 


Jack Martin – Collarless/Grandad Collar – Tan Two Tone Stripe Shirt. Men’s 1920s Wedding & Smart Casual Shirts

This long sleeves shirt had got a slim fit. This two-tone striped shirt is collarless, famously known as grandad collar. This shirt has got the 1920s Peaky Blinders’ gang vibes due to the vintage golden coloured top button. 

The shirt has got a white-collar and single cuff. The shirt is wrinkle-resistant and the technology of modern tailoring is used to design the shirt. It is a great choice to wear to weddings and special themed parties which needs you to dress like the 1920s. 


5. Great Gatsby Men’s Dress Shoes

If you want to dress like Gatsby then the most important thing is the shoes. You have to be very precise while choosing 20s themed shoes. Gatsby was more into the two-tone oxford shoes. The wingtip shoes look great with your formal shoes and give you a vintage glimpse. 

The cap-toe lace-up oxfords were also very famous during the 1920s. Online platforms provide you with various options if you are planning to shop for some Gatsby shoes.

DLT Men’s Genuine Imported Leather with Leather Sole English Goodyear Welted Oxford Dress Shoes

These full-grain Italian leather shoes are the ones Gatsby liked the most. So, if you are a fan of Gatsby’s style from the movie and are looking for the 1920s inspired shoes then these are a considerable choice.

 The leather provides a strong life to the shoes and full-grain resists moisture which enhances the durability of the material. These can be paired with gatsby themed suits for a better manner. You can wear these to formal settings like workspaces, weddings and informal ones such as prom nights. 


Bolano Lawson, Men’s Shoes

These dress shoes for men are suitable for Halloween costume parties. You can also wear them as dance shoes during prom nights or can wear it with formal suits to offices. They can also be worn to clubs and meetings. 

The two-tone design with embellished designs makes it a classy men’s wear. The lace-up closure and synthetic fabric enhance your look inspired by the 20s men’s fashion. Add sophistication and class to your personality by buying these shoes and adding them to your wardrobe.


Great Gatsby Costume Hats

Hats were famous in men’s attire for very long. Nowadays, it is worn to imitate the fashion of vintage days. If you are getting ready for a Gatsby party, then a hat is a must to go with your costume dress. 

Working-class cap, linen newsboy cap, and straw boater are the categories of caps worn by the men back then. Derby and Bowler hats were very famous during the 1920s. Let us see what options we have online.

Wonderful Fashion Men’s Linen 8 Panel Applejack Gatsby newsboy IVY Hat

This newsboy hat is available in four different colours on Amazon. This costume hat is made up of 100% linen fabric and has got a button closure. This traditional hat looks classic when worn over Gatsby style vests and matching suits.

 The lightweight fabric makes the hat very comfortable to carry over your head and can be worn in all seasons. The vintage style along with the comfort of modern designing makes it an ideal choice to be worn. The size is made to fit most of the men and a rear elastic band is also provided for the same purpose. 


Crushable Hand Made Gents Indiana Wool Felt Fedora Trilby Hat With Wide Band

This trilby hat has got more of a Gatsby costume look and would look great if you wear them to dances and prom nights along with suits of the same fashion. Available in multiple colours, this woollen hat is hand designed and is available in four different sizes. 

The collar band provides it with a grand look. A comfortable cotton sweatband is also designed in it to provide you comfort. And this can be carried in a suitcase easily and the shape does not get damaged even when compressed with other stuff. 


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