15 Best Victorian Shirts

Being a gentleman during the Victorian era required the need for some good quality shirts especially the white ones. The rural and simple population preferred the darker colors which would not get spoiled easily.  The types of shirts that were popular at that time were button-up shirts, yoke shirts, bib front shirts, with collar and […]

Edwardian Era Fashion

The Edwardian era, as the name suggests, is the period when King Edward VII was on the throne i.e. 1901 to 1910. It started when Queen Victoria died in 1901 and her son Edward succeeded the throne. He was very much influenced by the art and fashion of continental Europe and his era also saw […]

Best Victorian Kids Clothing (Boys and Girls)

Looking for victorian kids’ clothing? A detailed guide is given below Dressing up toddlers in a vintage fashion looks so adorable. Whether it is a school stage show or a tea party, Victorian and Edwardian era fashion is always a perfect look to adapt. Although you will hardly see any difference between the fashion of […]

Victorian Boots for Men

If you are to portray the civil war era on stage or going to a Victorian-themed party where you are representing yourself as a gentleman from that Vintage era, you need a good pair of boots to pair with your Victorian attire.  Laces and buttons up style were the main features of the Victorian boots […]

Victorian Skirts

Most of the Victorian dresses included a skirt and a bodice that was attached in a way to look like one piece only. The variety of Edwardian style skirts can be categorized into day skirts and evening skirts. For more sporty and adventurous activities, there were riding or split skirts.  During the Edwardian era, it […]

Victorian Hats

Victorian hats have a romantic charm in themselves. The ribbons, feathers, precious stones, etc. that used to be attached to the various styles of the hats made them look adorable. The bonnets were most famous at the time and in today’s modern world if you want to wear a Victorian hat, a perch hat or […]

Victorian Wedding Dresses

You know you have got a romantic taste if you are planning a Victorian-themed wedding. And all the attention is going to be on the bride to see what she is wearing. A lace-up gown or chiffon dresses inspired by Edwardian fashion is always a great choice to be worn at weddings.  Although, as a […]

Victorian Plus Size Dresses

The fashion of the late Victorian and Edwardian eras are coming back to modern-day wardrobes and with little adaptations, they are made to be worn as both formal and casual wearing. And if you have an event where the theme is Downton Abbey or the Titanic or a Victorian-themed wedding is taking place, you get […]

Victorian Boots

Victorian boots were famous for their lace-up style and were modified with decades. Victorian women wore various kinds of boots during the Victorian era with all kinds of dress they wore and at every occasion.  The boots were in fashion for a very long time with some renewal in their styles during the 1980s. These […]