1920s Kids Clothes

Children’s fashion paves the way for adult fashion in the roaring 20s and this was much before the 20s fashion set in. Drop waist dresses designed with Peter pan collars and knickers with matching suits were worn by little girls and boys respectively.  Even today, the Vintage style is much adored by the parents of […]

Top 1920s Men’s Hats

Hats were quite popular during the 1920s, and whether it be men or women, everyone used to wear hats. Every occasion calls for a particular style of hat to be worn. And hence, there were different categories of hats according to seasons and occasions.  The summers called for Panamas, Longhorns, Boaters, and Linen flat caps […]

Great Gatsby Men’s Clothing

The vintage fashion is making its way back to our wardrobes. And since the 2013 movie, The Great Gatsby, the men’s clothing style is getting inspired by 1920s men’s fashion. Apart from the themed parties, the Gatsby look is quite popular on other formal occasions as well.  The suits, shoes and accessories for men’s attire, […]

Top 10 1920s Coats

Winters call for fashion that could provide both style and warmth to you. And we are aware of how cool 20th-century fashion was. Wouldn’t it be great to have the 1920s style wardrobe for a change? Short leather flight jackets, light coats, and long duster jackets that could be worn with matching dresses are a […]

1920s Women’s Pant Suits

The topic of women and pants was still debatable in the 1960s and thus, women wearing pants in the 1920s was a kind of revolt against the traditional ideologies. The fact that women could wear something that is accepted to be men’s clothing, was not acceptable in the common public although there were a few […]

Best Great Gatsby Men’s Shoes

The love for vintage men’s shoes has developed in the population since the coming of the 2013 movie The Great Gatsby. At least they became more aware of the fashion after the movie. And now after watching it, we have come to know that the styles that are common in today’s men’s fashion have originated […]

1920s Dresses with Sleeves

The 1920s was a time when most women wore sleeveless dresses. Although, flapper dresses with sleeves were also there in fashion. Long and short sleeve dresses looked equally magnificent. If you are a fan of the Great Gatsby look, then you know that the elbow-length sleeves were also quite popular at the same time as […]

Top 10 1920s Style Men’s Shoes

The 1920s was an era of upcoming fashion. The major change that happened in men’s fashion was majorly in footwear. The major styles included Two-tone shoes, Wingtips, Cap-toe shoes, Classic Converse, Nukuck Whites, and Lace-up boots. The traditional confined boots were losing their charm and lace-up Oxford took its place which was more comfortable and […]