10 Best 1920s Red Flapper Dresses

Red has always been the color portraying boldness. And that was exactly the fashion motto of the ladies during the 1920s who wore red flapper dresses for their evenings. Although, red was not exactly the color they preferred. They were instead wearing shades of it and pink. If you want to make a bold statement […]

15 Best Victorian Shirts

Being a gentleman during the Victorian era required the need for some good quality shirts especially the white ones. The rural and simple population preferred the darker colors which would not get spoiled easily.  The types of shirts that were popular at that time were button-up shirts, yoke shirts, bib front shirts, with collar and […]

10 Best 1920s Bridesmaid Dresses

We all are aware of the amazing 1920s fashion. The trends back in the ‘20s are so evergreen that they can be worn even today, and not look old-fashioned. So were the 1920s bridesmaid dresses. These dresses can be considered fashionable even today.  They were full of shades and shimmers, like all other ‘20s style […]


1920 was all about fashion. The sumptuous and ever-changing fashions seen on “Downton Abbey”, helped in evoking the Jazz Age contemporary fashion of the 1920s into beaded Art Deco-style evening dresses, fur-trimmed coats, cloche hats, and strappy shoes. The “Downton,” introduced new looks, as skirts became shorter to show off ankles and the lower leg. […]

10 Best 1920s Swimwear for Women

The 1920s were highly fashionable years, and so were the 1920s Swimwears! Back then, wearing swimwear did not necessarily mean that the person was going for a swim; they may have worn swimwear and still not get into the water. This is why even swimsuits made of wool were a thing back then, which is […]

10 Best 1920s Plus Size Flapper Dresses

A plus-size flapper dress is a slip-over dress, which is loose-fitting. It may have short sleeves or long sleeves as well. The dress got its name from the term “flapper” which was used for groups of Western women back in the 1920s, who usually dressed in what was known as a “flapper costume”, which included […]

Top 10 1930s Style Blouses and Sweaters for Women

During the 1930s, the ideal women were expected to be tall and small waisted. But since these beauty standards are not always humanly possible, women tried to match with the ideal beauty standards by selecting their blouses and sweaters accordingly. In this article, we will discuss the best 1930s style blouses and sweaters that are […]

Top 10 Best 1920s Suits for Men

Men’s suits are traditional clothing items in the Western world. In the 1920s, men’s suits were usually brown, blue, or gray, and were double or single-breasted. The typical 1920s men’s suits have a high button stance and are usually the tuxedo type ones. They featured a single button jacket along with pants having a front […]

5 Best 1920s Men’s Ties (Buying Guide) in 2021

A necktie, or simply a tie sounds so boring and uninteresting, isn’t it! But do you know that these boring pieces of fabric can make you look so stylish and adorable? Ties always add class to the personality and make you look elegant. People stereotype the ties to just formal occasions or formal weddings. But […]

10 Best 1920s Gangster Suits

In the 1920s gangster suits were worn by men who indulged in activities like the distribution of alcohol, illegally. These gangster mobs of the 20s controlled these activities in big cities. The typical gangster costume of the 1920s included suit jackets that were usually stripped, along with matching vests and a pair of trousers. Other […]

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