1920s Women’s Handbags

Looking for the best 1920s Women’s Handbags? We’ve got everything covered.

Women hardly step out without a handbag. Even if it is a small one that could hardly carry some cash and makeup. But handbags are an essential part of women’s accessories and always have been so. And every party wear needs a particular fashion of handbag. 

In this article, we are going to have a look at handbags that are inspired by 1920s fashion and can be paired with your dazzling flapper dresses. These flapper handbags are equally attractive just like the fashion of the 20s and have their signature styles that include beaded patterns, glistening looks,  and many such features. 

  1. 1920s Flapper Clutch Bag

The clutch size bags are great for an evening party. This style comes with beads and crystals just like your flapper dresses are embellished. A small clutch bag that can keep small essentials such as cash, cards, keys, and phone.

 The rhinestone crystals match the glamour of your flapper dress and the zipper closure makes sure your things inside are safe. A great choice to pair it with your dress in a gatsby themed party, cocktail party, evening party, dinner dates, proms, weddings, and many such occasions.


  1. Gatsby Pearl Clutch Handbag

The beaded patterns of your flapper dresses need something of the same tone. This beaded handbag is made up of high-quality satin fabric and decorated very well with beads and sequins. It has a push-lock closure and the polyester lining makes it a reliable product to be used. 

Other features of this beautiful beaded purse include an open interior pocket and the rhinestone clutch keeps your bag close and your items remain safe inside. It is designed to have a metallic handle and a detachable shoulder long chain that could be tucked inside as well. This purse could be carried as a clutch bag, handbag, shoulder bag, or crossbody bag. 


  1. Women’s Tassel Handbag

If you are wearing a flapper dress with tassels on it, you can pair this 1920s styled gold purse with your dress. This tassel handbag has got designs to catch attention. The outer form is a hardware frame of excellent quality and the cover fabric is pure satin.

 Soft polyester is used for the lining of this gorgeous purse. Essentials such as phones, cards, makeup items can be kept in it. Two kinds of chains are provided to suit your style. A perfect clutch purse for gatsby parties and evening parties including proms and dinner dates.


  1. Women’s Mini Pouch Purse

Since pouch purses are not very spacious, they are easy to carry and very lightweight. If you are planning to carry just some cash and makeup, this pouch purse can be something you can choose. This is a beautifully crafted pouch purse with a beaded design at the outer portion and fabric on the inside.

 It has a zipper closure to keep your essentials safe and the handle chain length is 5.12 inches. This glamorous purse will look great with flapper dresses and can match the vibe of any event.


  1. 1920s  Rhinestone Bucket Bag

If you are planning on a super dazzling entry to a prom party or a gatsby party, then you have to have this bucket bag styled with your 20s attire. The metal hardware and rhinestone crystals with which this purse is made gives it a super shiny appearance and will attract compliments for you.

 Being small in size, it is still able to carry phones, keys, cards, money, and essential makeup items and tissues inside it. The satin lining gives it a soft touch. The separate layers at the bottom allow more weight without hurting the crystals. Appropriate for every dress with a glossy appeal.


  1. 1920s Flapper Beaded Handbag

This unique styled flapper purse is sure to attract many glances as its peacock feather design made with beads and sequins will pair with your attractive flapper dress. It has a buckle closure and is aptly made to keep your essentials and at the same time keeping itself lightweight for a comfortable carrying experience.

 You can hold this flapper purse in your hang or can hang it over the shoulder with the detachable chain provided. The peacock pattern is handmade which makes it exquisite.


  1. 20s Flapper Tassel Handbag

This is a 20s style handbag since it imitates your tassel flapper dress in its way. A great choice to be carried to your dance parties and any other special occasions. This women’s handbag has a zipper closure and it is crafted in the beads style. 

It has real glass beaded tassels all over its body and the shoulder chain has also a real glass braided design. The satin fabric and the purple color gives it a royal touch. Not just your flapper dress but this tassel handbag will also look fabulous with every move of yours. 


  1. Women’s Vintage Beaded Handbag

If you are going for a great gatsby themed party or a retro party and looking for a vintage look then you should carry this hand purse with you which is styled in 20s fashion and is very much vintage in its look. The attractive features include antique rose engraved kiss clip closure, satin fabric, detachable shoulder chain, and wonderful beaded layout. 

It is a great choice to carry at your formal parties as well. The black seed bead rose design with a rhinestone crystal at its center gives it a lustrous look.


  1. 1920s Gatsby Handbag for Women

This handbag will look great with your full length or long flapper dresses. Available in three colors, the gold one is the most appealing. The outer portion is decorated with soft beads and the inner fabric is nylon. 

It looks great if you carry it in your hand although it has got two detachable chains as well if it gets tiring carrying in hand. It can be carried to a gatsby party, special evenings, proms or can be used as a daily usage purse as well. A little care will keep it long-lasting. 


  1.  20s Style Pouch Purse

This antique style purse with its black color can be matched with any dress you have in your wardrobe. The vintage manner of this purse with a full sequin mesh beaded layout of this hand purse looks very attractive. It comes with a kiss lock closure and you can keep the essentials that you want to reach in an instance like a cellphone, keys, makeup, or handkerchief.


  1. 1920s Beaded Clutch Purse

If you are a fan of simple yet elegant fashion then this beaded purse is for you. The beads of different sizes are beautifully embellished on this vintage 20s style purse. A great choice to be worn with your flapper dresses as well as long gowns if you are attending a wedding.

 It can be used as a makeup bag as well. You can gift it to your special ones too. It has detachable chains to carry over the shoulder. The brides can choose to match it with their wedding gown. It can carry your essentials or you can keep it for keeping particular items as well.


  1.  Women’s Vintage 20s Handbag

Vintage and antique fashion never go out of style. Just like this hand purse which is constructed in the fashion of the 1920s. This can be taken anywhere, even at formal parties as well. Although it looks best with flapper dresses and costumes where you have to look unique and stylish.

 The features of this vintage purse include a flat pocket, rhinestone clasp to keep your requirements safe. It is spacious enough for your cellphone as well. Apart from the gatsby or costume parties, you can carry them to weddings, cocktail parties, and any special event.


  1. Women’s Beaded Evening Bag

This classic handbag is something you can carry when all other choices are getting you confused. This amazing piece is handcrafted and hence magnificent in its way. The wonderful designs made by the designers on polyester fabric is something to have in your collection. 

Available in three elegant colors, it comes with a kiss lock closure and metallic handle. It will look great with your formal wear as well apart from the casual and costume dresses. 


  1. Women Vintage Shoulder Bag

This evening purse has got both class and style combined. It is available in multiple colors and comes with a kiss lock closure. This purse is handmade with 100% natural cotton fabric. 

Other features of this classic handbag are the brass metal top handle with flower frames giving it more of a retro look. 

The floral design and lining are made out of cotton and is spacious unlike other flapper bags with little space to provide to keep your necessary things. It comes with a metal chain strap as well so you can carry it over your shoulder as well.


  1. 1920s Envelope Clutch Purse

This one stands different from the flapper purses and pouch clutch handbags. This envelope purse has got a vintage look with lots of space inside to keep a number of your crucial items that you need to carry with you to a party.

 It is designed to have smooth and polished hardware. The entire layout of this hand purse will match with any party dress that you wear. The material used to make this is satin, hence a soft and smooth experience to carry with you. 


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