Top 10 1920s Tuxedos for Men

Tuxedos did not make an entry into the men’s wardrobe until the 1920s. Before this, men wore black tailcoats as formal wear, which was then replaced by the 1920s tuxedos. All other parts of their formal wear remained the same- vest, pocket square, necktie, gloves, etc. These tuxedos were usually one-buttoned and were a magical blend of formal and casual. Tuxedos made looking formal a casual job. 

Men usually wore these tuxedos with a black vest and black tie, but by the end of the century, they began wearing them with white vests as well. The tuxedo shirts never had a pleated design and were always flat. In the 1920s tuxedos were worn by men for any formal, semi-formal event or rather any evening party. Since these tuxedos are so stylish, they are still in fashion and are worn by most men even today. The best part about these tuxedos is that they do not look like a costume; hence, they can be worn even today. All they will do is add a hint of vintage into your overall look.

If you are thinking of buying a tux, then we assure you that you have made the right decision! Well, assurance is just not all we do, we also help! Given below is a list of the Top 10 1920s Tuxedos for Men, along with their detailed descriptions, so that you can make the best choice for your purchase!

Top 10 1920s Tuxedos for Men

SuiSional Men’s Luxury Dress Slim Fit Tuxedo

This is a stylish and classy 1920s style tuxedo by the brand SuiSional. It is available in various colors, but since the ‘20s men loved a white-colored tuxedo, we think it would be the most authentic looking one. The outer material of this tuxedo has a mixture of two materials, polyester, and viscose, in 80% and 20% proportion, respectively. These materials offer the tux a smooth and luxurious outer feeling. 

The inner parts of the tuxedo are 100% polyester-made, which makes it a very comfortable wear. It also has a cotton blend of elastic material in it, which adds softness to the fabric. The tuxedo is pilling-resistant and has high durability. It features six pockets in total; three inside and three outside. All the pockets are fully functional and real. 

The design of the tuxedo is single-breasted with a two-button closure. The V-0neck has a standard cut of 45 degrees, which makes this tuxedo a very formal-looking one. The materials are breathable and do not look baggy when worn. It is an anti-shrink and anti-wrinkle tuxedo, which is also highly versatile. Overall, it is a great quality tuxedo at a reasonable price, which has been loved by customers so far!

WULFUL Men’s Suit Jacket

This ‘20s tuxedo is by the brand Wulful and their customers just cannot stop praising them! It is available in a total of 7 colors, but we think the light gray shade kind of brings out a fun side to this vintage tuxedo. The materials blended here are cotton and polyester, which give this tuxedo a very soft and comfortable feel. It has a one-button closure, like a very formal tuxedo. 

It features a full-shoulder design along with a slim-cut with 3D draping. The slim-fit is responsible for making this a better fitting and a better-looking tuxedo, which gives off a modern vibe. It features notch lapels and four sleeve buttons. It has three pockets in total; two flapped ones at the front and one welted chest pocket for design. The seller advises customers to dry clean this product only so that its high durability is maintained. 

It is a very versatile tux that can be paired with pants or jeans, i.e, it can be worn formally or casually. It features a side vent, which makes it easy for you to reach the trouser’s pockets. Its amazing fit and high quality make sure that you stand out among the crown at all times!

Mogu Men’s Blazer Slim Fit Sport Coats

Mogu has always been one of our favorite brands when it comes to men’s clothing. This 1920s tuxedo by Mogu is no less amazing than any of their other products. When we say this tuxedo is available in many colors, we mean it, because it is indeed available in 22 amazing and fun colors! 

If you want to create an authentic 1920s look with this tuxedo, then you should go for the classic black one, because that is what most men preferred back in that decade. It features a single-button closure like a real ‘20s tuxedo and has a slim-fit design, thus blending authenticity and modernity. The slim-fit design results in a better fitting and suits every body type. 

All men look dapper when they wear this tux, and that’s a promise. It is a versatile tuxedo that can be worn to a Christmas party, a wedding, a business meeting, or simply to work. The materials used for this tuxedo are cotton and polyester. Cotton is present in a larger quantity (70%), while polyester makes up 30% of this tux. The materials provide a smooth and soft touch to the tux and also make it comfortable to wear for long hours at a go. 

The workmanship on this tuxedo is decent and customers have claimed it to be of higher quality than you expect, which makes this tux a great offer for you!

COOFANDY Men Luxury Paisley Floral Tuxedo

This 1920s tuxedo is one of the most elegant ones on this list! It is by the brand Coofandy and is available in several colors. Navy blue is our choice, but you are free to select any color you want. It features a one-button closure and a shawl collar. The most unique part about this tuxedo that makes it stand out is the beautiful floral pattern embedded in it. 

The print is camouflaging in nature, so you do not have to worry about it being too loud and fancy-looking. The print just adds an element of elegance to this tux, without making it look like a costume. It features a single-breasted design and is extremely lightweight and soft, which makes it comfortable to wear. The material is breathable and allows air permeability and also reduces skin irritation.

 It features two flap pockets on either side and a chest pocket. All three pockets are functional. The brand adds special care guidelines so that you can keep this tuxedo as good as new for a long time. It can be worn on multiple occasions; to a wedding, business meeting, fashion-forward parties, etc. Customers have commented that this tuxedo works like a compliment magnet!

Beninos Men’s Slim Fit Casual 1 Button Blazer

This one is another extremely stylish 1920s style tuxedo by the brand Beninos. It is available in five simple yet classic colors, one of which is the navy blue shade which turns out to be our favorite. It features a single-button closure, like a truly vintage tuxedo of the ‘20s. The brand especially advises its customers to only hand wash and not bleach this tux, so that its high durability is maintained.

The materials used in this tuxedo are cotton and polyester blend, which create the perfect smooth and comfortable combo for this piece. It is a lightweight tuxedo that features notch lapels. It has three real pockets in total; one inside and the other two flap pockets on each side. It has a left chest pocket that is only for decorative purposes and is not real.

The finishing on this tuxedo is excellent, which adds durability. It has a linen texture, which makes this tuxedo look very minimalistic and classy in its way. One can wear this tux for a formal event or meeting, and even as a casual outfit when paired with jeans. Overall, it is a nice, comfy, and warm tuxedo.

Men’s Suit Jacket One Button Slim Fit Daily Blazer

Cloudstyle has created this amazing tuxedo which stole our hearts the moment we saw it! The dark gray shade of this tuxedo stood out the most to us among all other colors available. It features a single-button closure which adds the right authenticity to this tuxedo jacket. The best part about this tuxedo is that it is machine-washable, unlike most others that are strictly only hand-washable. 

The materials used for this tuxedo are similar to others, i.e, cotton, and polyester. These materials together form very smooth and comfortable wear. It features notch lapels and also has side vents which give easier access to the pockets of the trousers. It has four sleeve buttons and four functional pockets in total. The four pockets are- two flap pockets on either side and two pockets on the inside. 

All of these pockets are real and not just for decoration. This tuxedo is as versatile as any other ‘20s style tuxedos. It can be worn to prom, or a business meeting, or even casually with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. All you need to do is buy this tuxedo, and the rest will be taken care of by it!

JINIDU Men’s Floral Tuxedo

This is another stylish ‘20s tuxedo we couldn’t ignore! It is by the brand Jinidu and is extremely elegant and comfortable. It is available in many colors but we love the navy blue one. Two materials are used in the making of this tuxedo; polyester and viscose in 65% and 35% proportion, respectively. The materials make this tuxedo extremely comfortable to wear and lightweight, which makes sure that one can wear it for a long time without feeling any discomfort.

 The part that makes this tuxedo unique and different is its floral embroidery. It has a beautiful intricate design, just at the right amount, thus making it the perfect tux for any evening party. It is a single-breasted tuxedo like a typical 1920s one that features notch lapels. It has two flap-pockets that are fake and just for decorative purposes. 

The stitches on this tux are well-made and have a perfect finishing, which makes this a very durable product. The seller advises its customers to dry clean this product only so that the fabric is maintained. Altogether, it is a very fashionable and high-quality tux, that will make you the showstopper of every party!

PYJTRL Mens Fashion Velvet Blazers

This tuxedo by Pyjtrl is loved by its customers and is extremely high-quality. It is available in many fun colors, but if you want to go for a vintage look, we recommend you the black-colored one. The fabric used in this tuxedo is velvet, which makes it the softest and smooth tuxedo on this list. The velvet touch also gives this tuxedo a very luxurious look.

 It features notch lapels that are also made from velvet. It is a versatile tuxedo that can be worn at various events. Be it an evening party, a Christmas party, or any other special occasion. It is a great fitting jacket, which gives a very playful yet modern kind of look. Customers have claimed that it is a great deal for the price, and so, you should buy this tux if you want to give off a classy and vintage look. It is of reasonable quality at a reasonable price!

WEEN CHARM Men’s Slim Fit Tuxedo

This tuxedo by Ween Charm makes total justice to its name- it is charming! The outer layer of this tuxedo is made from polyester and viscose, in a 75% and 25% proportion, respectively. These materials make the outer side of this tuxedo a very smooth and silky feeling. The inner side of the tuxedo uses the same materials but in different proportions; 94% and 6%, respectively.

 It is an imported tuxedo, and the seller advises customers to hand-wash this product only. It has a single-button closure, like a typical ‘20s tuxedo. The fabrics make this tuxedo very comfortable and breathable, which allows the person to wear it for long hours at a go. It has a slim-fit design, which makes the person wearing it look very handsome, modern, and classy.

 It features soft shoulders, thus removing any kind of stiffness and avoiding a biggish look. The fabric also has a light-stretch feature, which makes this tux even more comfortable to wear. It is a versatile tuxedo that one can wear to a wedding, a formal business meeting, or an evening party. It is available in several colors, with the wine red shade being the classiest one that we adore the most!

Ferrecci Men’s Velvet Blazer One Button Wedding Tuxedo

The last 1920s style tuxedo on this list is going to be one of the classiest ones! This tuxedo is by the brand Ferrecci, which is available in a huge range of colors. The classic black shade reminds us most of a vintage tux. It is made of 65% polyester and 35% viscose, which adds comfort and style to this tux. It features a button closure, with a single button on it. 

The design of this tuxedo is inspired by the 1920s. It has enough warmth in it to keep you cozy and comfortable during winters. This tuxedo and also be used for winter layering. It features a shawl collar, which is made of satin fabric. This adds a very dapper look to this tuxedo and makes it fit for wearing to any formal event or even an evening party. 

The inner side of this tuxedo is lined fully, which makes this a very well-made and durable wear. It features two rear side vents, which gives easy access to the trouser pockets. It also has inner and outer pockets that are fully functional and not just for decorative purposes. Customers have said that every man needs a velvet tuxedo like this in their wardrobe for sure!

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