10 Best 1920s Swimwear for Women

The 1920s were highly fashionable years, and so were the 1920s Swimwears! Back then, wearing swimwear did not necessarily mean that the person was going for a swim; they may have worn swimwear and still not get into the water. This is why even swimsuits made of wool were a thing back then, which is something impractical if we think of it now! More attention was paid to fashion than to the functionality of such swimwear.

 Gradually, producers started manufacturing swimwear that is supposed to be used for swimming. Wool swimwear was bidden goodbye and stretchy jersey materials were welcomed into the world of swimwear. The new swimsuits were much more comfortable than the woolen ones and were also extremely sizzling! Vibrant colors started being used for these swimwear and different styles were tried as well. The evolution of swimwear in the 1920s was pretty much visible, and was highly accepted by all ladies!

If you are looking for 1920s swimwear for women, then the list below would help you. Given below are the Top 10 Best 1920s SwimWear for Women, along with their detailed descriptions. All of these products are available on Amazon, so select your favorite one and place an order, ASAP!

10 Best 1920s Swimwear for Women

Zeraca Women’s Boyleg Racerback Athletic One Piece Swimwear

This swimsuit is just like the very popular swimsuit that was introduced by Jantzen in the 1920s. This design is still used in most athletic swimwear today. The one that we have here is in a classic black color and is of imported quality. The material used for this swimwear’s outer fabric is 86% polyester and 14% elastane. The inner lining, however, is 100% polyester, making it super comfy.

It has a scoop neckline; just like the 20s swimwear had by the end of the decade. It features a racerback design and is a pullover style swimsuit, which makes it easy to wear. It has over-the-shoulder straps, which are wide enough to provide adequate support. It features a boyleg design and also has paddings that are not fixed, thus making it easily removable according to one’s need. 

The entire body is lined on the inside. The seams on this swimsuit are flattened, which gives extra comfort to the person wearing it. As already mentioned, the fabric is polyester which means it is stretchy, thus fitting is not an issue. It is lightweight and extremely durable. The fabric used is chlorine-resistant, which makes sure that the shape of the swimsuit, is retained. The Lycra fiber is said to last five to ten times longer than others, which makes this swimsuit reasonable and comfy!

Forum Novelties Women’s Roaring 20’s Beachside Betty Costume

This one is a typical 1920s swimwear costume! It is known as a beachside Betty costume, which was pretty common in the 20s. It is made from 100% polyester and is an imported product. It features a pull-on closure and is quite comfortable wear. You can wear it to a roaring 20s themed party, or the carnival, or a beach fundraiser program. 

No matter how funny this costume may look to you now, it is not made of cheap fabric. It is a well-made costume, which looks authentic. The entire packages comprise a top, a pair of shorts, a hat, and a pair of matching socks to give you a complete and authentic look! It has red and white stripes with frill borders at the sleeves and the hemline.

The brand, Forum Novelties, is a very well known brand which is one of the leading costumes and novelty products brand in the market, since the last 30 years. This means you can trust the quality and authenticity of this product!

Ekouaer Women’s Vintage Striped One Piece Swimsuit

This one is a vintage one-piece swimsuit, which is so cute that you would want to wear this from the moment you lay your eyes on it! The materials used in this monokini are 82% nylon and 18% spandex. This combination of fabrics is one of the best combos for a swimwear wince it gives a very silky and comfortable feel. It has a drawstring closure, which makes it look even more cute and vintage.

It features a halter neck, which is adjustable. A front tie is present, which gives it a cute vibe; just like a 20s swimwear. There are six buttons at the front, just for decoration purposes.  A striped lining is present to make it look more vintage. It is true to size and flatters the body of anybody who wears it. This swimwear can be worn to several events, be it a pool party, a tropical vacation, or just to chill by the beach.

One can also pair them with yoga pants or swimming shorts, to give it a different look. The subtle details of this swimwear will bring you tons of compliments wherever you wear it! It does not restrict body movement in any way and provides enough room for you to move your body however you like, without feeling uncomfortable or conscious. Customers often claim this to be one of the best swimwear they have bought at this reasonable price!

COCOSHIP Vintage Sailor Pin Up Swimsuit

Swim dresses were the deal back in the 20s, but are still quite fashionable! This one is another cute little one-piece swim dress, which is vintage, yet has a modern touch. It features a halter neck, which is adjustable, thus, making fittings easier. It also features a halter strap, which adds to the cuteness of this swim dress! The pattern on this swim dress is sailor pin-up, which is a classic vintage design.

It features soft cups, which are removable according to a person’s need. Its slim-fit design makes your body look flattering! It has a moderate coverage; just like a classic 20s swimwear was expected to be. The front bottom of this swim dress has a double layer. This double layer turns out to be a lifesaver, since it hides all your tummy fat, efficiently! 

Customers have called this 1920s swimwear “Fantastic and Flattering”, and if that does not convince you to buy this swimwear, then you should check it out on Amazon, right now!

 Septangle Women One Piece Swim Dress with Skirt

This pretty 20s style women’s swimwear comes in a classic black color, white a white band in the middle, which makes it look very authentic. It is a true-to-size swimwear for ladies who love to flaunt their beautiful bodies. It has a pull-on closure. The neckline is a plunging V, which makes it look extremely stylish and bold. The dress has an A-line shape, which flatters all body types and figures.

 It has a high-cut bottom design and features high-cut leg briefs. This gives amazing coverage at the midsection. The swimwear is lined throughout the body, making it a comfortable wear. The mesh lining is smooth and makes the dress breathable and not suffocating. It features non-removable padding and the straps are adjustable according to one’s size. This makes the person wearing it feel free and easy to move around. 

Its design hides tummy fat, which is something most women expect from their swimwear. This is a versatile swimwear that is appropriate to be worn at different events. One can wear it for water sports, for a vacation, or for sunbathing. The quality of this dress is amazing for its price, and you would be missing out if you do not try out this pretty 1920s style vintage swimwear!

Women’s Victorian Bathing Suit Costume

This one is authentic vintage 1920s swimwear for women, which is perfect if you are looking for a nice 20s vibe costume. It is made from 100% polyester, which makes this swimwear a comfortable and stretchy outfit. This helps in the perfect fitting of the swimwear. It has a pull-on closure design and is an imported piece.

It is a very high-quality bathing suit that can be worn for several events. One can wear it to a themed party, Halloween, or simply to the beach. This swimwear is a swim dress, which was very popular among women during the 1920s. It is a short dress, in navy and white color. It features white borders at the sleeves and the hemline. The swim set also comprises knickers which are navy colored too. 

Apart from this, the package also includes a bowed straw hat, which gives the entire costume a more authentic look. Overall, this is fab swimwear, with a playful vintage vibe!

Yilisha Women’s Athletic One-Piece Swimsuits 

This amazing one-piece boyleg swimsuit is very stylish and classy! It is of imported quality and is comfortable to wear. The materials used for this swimwear are 82% polyester along with 18% spandex. The material is stretchy, which makes it easy to fit into, and it also retains its shape quickly. The material also plays a role in drying out quickly. It features a stylish scoop neck design along with racerback.

It has a pullover design and the colors on this swimwear are vibrant and eye-catching. It has prints near the legs which add a touch of fun to this classic swimwear. It is built-in with bra cups that have an elastic chest band. It also hides tummy fat and is chlorine-resistant. The entire swimwear has a double-lining, which flatters your amazing body. 

The shoulder straps are wide which is responsible for giving the swimwear good strength. This feature also allows for free and large movements. This one-piece swimwear can be worn for swimming training and competitions, or any other outdoor swimming activity. The brand is a trusted one, and it assures the high quality and durability of its products.

Fashion Women’s Vintage Athletic Swimsuits

This amazingly stylish swimwear is one that you cannot ever forget after laying your eyes on it once! The sizzling red color makes this dress one the classiest ones on this list. It is a one-piece bathing suit/swimwear, which is made from 82% polyamide and 18% elastane. These materials are responsible for making this swimwear comfortable and for its soft feel on the skin. 

These materials also make sure this beautiful swimwear stays as good as new, by making it stain-resistant and easy-to-clean. It has a high-neck alter, which is adjustable according to a person’s need. The neckline is a bold V and it also features pin-up supportive pushups to make your body look “oh so gorg!” The shape of this swimwear is a high waist S-shaped one, which is also responsible for hiding tummy fats. 

It has a supportive U-back along with boy shorts, which is a design that was quite popular in the 1920s. The body of the swimwear is double-layered and it has a scrunch design at the bottom which is responsible for contouring your body shape. No matter how stylish and chic this swimwear is, it is extremely comfortable and allows maximum body movement. It can be worn to a beach party, a tropical vacation, or any other summer outing.

AMOURRI Women’s Vintage Polka High Waisted Swimsuit

Another cute two-piece vintage swimwear that became one of our favorites as soon as we saw it! This pretty swimwear features a hook closure, which makes it easy to put on. It is made by blending two materials- 82% nylon and 18% spandex. This combination makes this swimwear stretchy and easily adjustable to anyone’s body.

 The top of this swimwear has a self-tie halter neck, which is adjustable according to a person’s needs and size. This top has a clasp hook closure at the back, which makes it extremely easy to wear. It features soft padding and an underwire with flexible boning, which gives adequate support and allows free movement of the body. The bottom of this swimwear is high-waisted and is front-lined, giving it a modest look.

 It features low-cut legs along with a scrunching at the front, which is responsible for camouflaging tummy fats. The pants are polka-dotted, which makes them look vintage and cute. It is a very stylish bathing suit that goes with every body type and size, giving you full vintage vibes!

Dolfin Women’s Aquashape Solid Aquatard

This 100% polyester 1920s style swimwear is modest and athletic. It is basically for serious swimmers, who train hours daily. The material has an excellent stretch, which adjusts with every body type. The recovery or retention properties of this swimwear are also very strong, which ensures retention of shape and assures durability. It is ideal and safe wear, which does not restrict any kind of body movement. 

This swimwear is lined throughout with poly fabric, which gives complete coverage and comfort. It features a U-back silhouette and has an inbuilt shelf bra which gives needed support throughout the time you wear this swimwear. This swimwear is dirt and chlorine-resistant, which ensures the high durability of the product. It also provides 50 plus UV protection. 

The brand is extremely well-known and is very trusted among swimmers, so you do not have to worry about the quality or durability of this swimwear at all. 

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