Top 10 Best 1920s Suits for Men

Men’s suits are traditional clothing items in the Western world. In the 1920s, men’s suits were usually brown, blue, or gray, and were double or single-breasted. The typical 1920s men’s suits have a high button stance and are usually the tuxedo type ones. They featured a single button jacket along with pants having a front flat design, which was usually made from the satin stripe. A white front was common in these suits, plus a wingtip collar.

By the end of this decade, 1920s men’s suits also started including a white vest, which gave it a formal or semi-formal look, overall. These men’s suits were either plaid, striped, herringbone, or featured a tweed pattern. A bowtie or even a necktie along with a pocket square are also common parts of the typical 1920s men’s suits.

If you are looking for a 1920s men’s suit, then you have landed on the right page! Given below are the top 10 best 1920s suits for men available on Amazon. Check out the detailed descriptions of these suits given below, and pick one that suits you the best!

10 Best 1920s Suits for Men

CAVANI Men’s Herringbone Tweed Tan Brown Suit

CAVANI Men’s Herringbone Tweed Tan Brown Suit

This tan-brown 1920s style men’s suit is made of 75% polyester and 25% wool, which makes it the ideal suit for winters. The jacket is 36” while the trousers are 30” in measurement. It has a turn-down collar waistcoat, which gives it a smart yet casual look. This men’s suit can be worn for a casual evening, or a wedding as well. The wool used in this suit is lightweight and of premium quality and the color makes this entire piece look vintage and classic.

 It surely is a unique design but does not go overboard on the retro look. The material is thick and sturdy, but does not feel bulky and is rather comfortable. The stitches are well done and the wool is quite warm. Even though the outer layer is itchy because of the wool, the insides are lined with satin, which makes it a very comfortable wear. Overall, this is a great 3-piece suit for any occasion!

STACY ADAMS Men’s Suny Vested 3 Piece Suit

STACY ADAMS Men's Suny Vested 3 Piece Suit

A stylish, vintage style 3-piece men’s suit is a single-breasted one and is completely inspired by the classic 1920s men’s suit. It is a 90% polyester and 10% rayon suit, which has a zipper closure, which makes fittings easy. The color of this suit is light gray, which manages to give a casual yet sophisticated look. It has a notch lapel and a two-button closure. 

It also features a welted pocket at the left chest. The vest has a four-button placket along with welted pockets at the front. The pants in this suit have an expandable waist, which makes it extremely easy to fit into them. The pants have a pleated front, which gives it a complete vintage look just like the 1920s men’s suits.

It can be worn for various occasions, be it a wedding or a casual evening meeting. The material is of high quality and also very comfortable. Overall, this is an amazing 20s style tuxedo, at a very reasonable price.



This multi-colored 1920s style men’s suit is one of a kind! The best part about this suit is its colors. It is made of 100% polyester and is extremely comfortable to wear. It is a dapper jacket inspired by the 20s design and gives a nice vintage look. It is best to wear to a Halloween party or a Gatsby themed party. It can also be used as a 20s style Gangster costume.

 The package also includes a boater hat, which gives an authentic 1920’s vibe. It also includes a bow tie, which is made of fine quality satin and goes amazingly with the jacket. The jacket, bowtie, and hat together give a completely vintage look, which can also easily be worn to a regular party. 

Altogether, it is an affordable piece at a reasonable price, making it one of the best purchases in this range.

Hanayome Men’s Slim-Fit 3-Piece Suit Set

Hanayome Men's Slim-Fit 3-Piece Suit Set

This authentic brown colored 3-piece suit is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The product comprises the suit, trousers, and waistcoat. It is an extremely versatile 3-piece suit, which can be worn at various events. For example, you can wear it to a costume party, or simply to a wedding reception party without looking like you are wearing a costume. 

The blazer and the pant, both are slim fit, which makes it look extremely stylish and modern. A white pocket square is attached with the front chest pocket. The most innovative part about this suit set is that one can easily adjust the waist size of the trousers. This feature ensures that fitting would never be an issue when you wear this suit piece. 

The fabric used is soft and well made. It does not feel heavy on the body, which is a great plus point since no one prefers a heavy suit. The stitching is not fragile, unlike most other men’s suits we see online. It can be said that this suit is much more comfortable than other suits that are costlier than this one!

YFFUSHI Men’s Slim Fit 3 Piece Suit

YFFUSHI Men's Slim Fit 3 Piece Suit

This three-piece suit set is dapper from the moment you lay your eyes on it! Its outer material is made of 70% polyester and 30% viscose, thus leaving no chance for any complaints regarding its quality. The material is soft, smooth, and breathable. It does not feel bulky or heavy on the shoulders. The outer material helps in maintaining the shape of the suit set, even after washing it. 

The inner material is 94% polyester and 4% viscose, which makes it sweat-absorbing and breathable. It has a full shoulder design like the classic 20s and a slim cut featuring a 3D draping. It is an extremely versatile suit set that can be worn for events like parties, weddings, or a business meeting. It features one-button as closure for the jacket, while the vest has four buttons.

The entire package consists of one blazer jacket, one vest, and one pair of pants. Overall, this suit is affordable but is not of cheap quality. It looks and feels as amazing as an expensive suit set of the 20s style.

Mens 3 Piece Slim fit Checked Vintage Suit

Mens 3 Piece Slim fit Checked Vintage Suit

This vintage style suit will make you look extremely dapper and handsome! It is a three-piece suit, and is single-breasted, like a typical 1920s men’s suit. It has a plaid pattern, which makes it look all the more vintage, yet something that you can wear without making it look like a costume. It is suitable for several occasions and seasons. You can wear it to a casual social gathering, or a themed party, or simply to church.

 It has a very professional look and will make you look confident wherever you wear it. The jacket has notch lapels and a two-button fastening. It features two front flap pockets and a single vent. It also has non-functioning buttoned cuffs. The vest has a five-button closure. The trousers included in this set have an adjustable waist on the sides, which makes them easily fit. 

The quality of the fabric is quite durable as well as comfortable. It has a clean finishing and looks extremely well-made. The trousers are tapered in just the right amount to make it look trendy, yet maintaining a classic looking profile. Many customers have claimed that this suit is better in quality than many other costlier big brands. It will become your favorite suit as soon as you try it out!

Forum Novelties Men’s Roaring 20’s Pinstripe Suit

Forum Novelties Men's Roaring 20's Pinstripe Suit

If there is a suit set that screams out the 20s to us, then it is this one for sure! Its classic black color and pinstripe design are inspired by the 1920s men’s suit. It is a 100% polyester suit which is ideal for a costume or themed party. The product is imported and the fabric has a fine touch to it, which makes it comfortable to wear. It is a one size suit set, which has a 42-inch chest.

 One can always alter the measurements upon receiving the product according to their size. It has a pull-on closure and is advised to be hand-washed. The entire package comprises a pair of pants, a shirt, along with an attached vest and a necktie. If you wear this suit to a 20s themed party, everyone will surely think that it is an authentic costume!

 It also includes a black hat, which gives it a more authentic look altogether. The elastic at the waist of the trousers is comfortable, which makes you feel like you are wearing sweat pants! Overall, this is a great suit set, which looks and feels 100% vintage and authentic.

VINCI Men’s Wool Feel Stripe Suit

VINCI Men's Wool Feel Stripe Suit

This is a truly classic double-breasted suit inspired by the 1920s men’s suit fashion. As mentioned in the name, this suit piece has wool felt, which makes it ideal to wear for your winter parties. It features a six-button closure. Its striped pattern gives it a classic 1920s gangster vibe. It is a fully lined suit set and has padded shoulders along with a chest welt pocket. 

There are peak lapels and two front flap pockets, apart from three internal pockets and two side vents. The pants have the same striped pattern, giving the entire suit a gangster look. These are classic fit pants, having belt loops and four pockets. The front of the pants are pleated and half lined, up until the knee. It has an unfinished hem which needs to be sewed accordingly. 

The fabric used for this suit is a mixture of polyester and rayon blend, which is the reason for its luxurious feel. It is a versatile set, which can be worn to the church or any other formal occasion. The fittings are true to size and the quality is better than expected. An amazing suit set, with amazing color and feel!

MAGE MALE Men’s 3 Pieces Suit

MAGE MALE Men's 3 Pieces Suit

This light gray three-piece 20s style men’s suit is one of the most stylish ones on our list! The material used in this suit is a polyester blend, which makes it as comfortable as it can be. The blazer features a one-button closure and is single-breasted. It has a notch lapel and side vents. The blazer has a slim fit size, which makes it look modern and stylish. 

The vest has a four-button closure and features a V-neck. The back is smooth and also has an adjustable back tie. The pants have a flat front along with a zippered fly. The waist tab is adjustable, making sure that fittings are not an issue with this suit. It is a very versatile suit set which can be used for various occasions.

 Be it a formal gathering, or a wedding reception party, or a business meeting- you can wear this suit without worrying about anything! The color is extremely gorgeous which makes the suit look expensive for its price. Overall, it is an elegant 1920s style men’s suit, which is true to its size and looks dapper!

Emigre Classic Fit Tan Pinstriped Suit

Emigre Classic Fit Tan Pinstriped Suit

This one is a seersucker suit inspired by the 1920s style men’s suit. The package includes a jacket and a pair of pants, that can easily be paired with any formal shirt you like. It is a 100% cotton tan suit that features a button closure. It has white stripes on the fabric, which makes it look like a classic 20s suit. The material is lightweight, which makes it all the more comfortable to wear and to maintain, as well. 

The jacket features a half lining, which adds to the comfort. It has a two-button closure, along with dual rear vents. The jacket has a regular fit. The pants are lined up till the knee and have a flat front like most 20s suits. It features an unfinished hem that can be tailored according to the buyer’s size. This suit set can be worn to several events- as a wedding reception party suit, or an everyday summer suit. 

The fabric is 100% cotton, which is the best feature of this suit set. It has a traditional crinkly finish, which adds to the authenticity of the suit. This suit set offers good value for money and is extremely good looking and comfortable to wear. There is absolutely no reason for you to not try out this suit set!

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