10 Best 1920s Shoes for Women

Just like the 1920s had its typical dresses and makeup looks, it also had its typical 1920s shoes for women! If you have bought a ’20s style dress then you need to get a pair of ‘20s style shoes to go with the dress. The ‘20s were a revolutionary decade and many things changed during these years, including the styles of shoes. 

Shoes got special attention during these years since women’s clothes gradually started getting shorter, thus making shoes visibly play a role in the entire outfit of a woman. As years passed, women’s shoes developed many designs and trends. They started matching their shoes with their outfits, or according to different seasons. Shoes also influenced the making of clothing items, since designers now had to keep in mind the kind of shoes one could wear with the dress they were making.

The most common shoes for women in the ‘20s were a pair of pumps with a 2-inch heel, which also featured a few straps. Other popular shoe styles were boots, or a simple slip-on pump, walking Oxfords, etc. As already said above, women also changed their shoes according to the seasons. During summers, canvas flats and sneakers were popular, and so were the saddle shoes with two tones. In the winters, though, boots were the deal. Galoshes, also known as gumshoes, were popularized by flappers during the winters.

We are sure that by now you have understood how highly fashionable the 1920s shoes for women were. Given below, is a list of the 10 Best 1920s Shoes for Women, for you to choose from. Even though we are sure all of these shoes would look great on you, check out the list for yourself and select a pair that would suit you the best! 

10 Best 1920s Shoes for Women

Ollio Women’s Flat Shoe 

Oxford shoes were used by ‘20s women as a pair of everyday shoes. They have a lace-up design and are usually made from smooth leather, featuring a 3-inch heel. This pair of oxford shoes by Ollio is a replica of a typical ‘20s oxford shoe. The material used here is synthetic, which makes it a durable pair of shoes that you can use as everyday wear. 

The sole of this pair of shoes is made of rubber, giving it a strong elastic strength. The colors on this pair are brown and white, which gives it a nice vintage look. It is true to size pair and customers have loved it so far. It has laces, like a typical oxford shoe, and is of high quality. The heel on this pair of shoes is minimum. The heel height is 0.7 inches, which is almost negligible. This makes it a truly everyday-wear pair of shoes. 

These shoes are a combination of fun and professional, both blended in just the right amount. They are incredibly comfortable to wear and have a cute and feminine look. You can pair these shoes with skirts, or ankle-length pants, and grab everyone’s attention!

Chase & Chloe Kimmy-21 Women’s Toe Pierced Mid Heel Pumps

The most popular shoes for the ‘20s women were the strapped pumps. They had one or many straps, which were sometimes designed in a crisscrossed fashion, and were sometimes left straight. The sides usually had small cutouts that would be attached to the strap. This classic black-colored strapped pump is one of those ‘20s pumps. It has a close round toe design. 

The sides have a laser-cut teardrop design, making it look exactly like a ‘20s pair of pumps. The straps are adjustable, which makes fittings easier for anyone who wears these heels. The heel size is approximately 3.5-inches, which is a comfortable and manageable height for most women. It is available in many colors but the one we are reviewing is a classy black colored one.

It is of imported quality and the material used to make these strap pumps is synthetic. These look super cute with a short dress or a skirt. Customers have claimed this pair to be perfect for dancing. The heel is so carefully made, that you will never feel like you are walking on your toes, just like most heels make us feel. Overall, a cute and vintage pair of Mary Jane pumps!

Ellie Shoes Women’s 253-Sarah Mid Calf Boot

Lace-up boots were popular among women even before the ‘20s. Especially in winters.-up boots were considered to be the most comfortable choice. This one is a Victorian mid-calf boot by the brand Ellie Shoes Store. The color of this pair of boots is jet black, which gives it a very classy look. The material used here is synthetic and it is of imported quality. 

These boots are magically comfortable and are also very cute looking. The sole has a great grip, which makes it comfortable to wear for long hours. The heels are 2.5 inches, which makes it a stylish-looking, yet comfortable pair of boots. The material is high-quality, so the durability of this pair of lace-up boots is assured. The shaft reaches the calf, approximately. 

One can wear this pair of mid-calf boots either as a ‘20s costume for a themed party or can use it just like any other pair of boots for the winters. Customers so far have claimed that this pair of boots will surprise you with their quality!

V-Luxury Women’s Closed Toe Mary Jane High Heel Shoes

This one is another pair of pumps since the ‘20s women never settled with just one pair! This pair of strapped pumps are available in several colors, but this one right here is a classic black-colored one. Its design is inspired by the 1920s Mary Jane pumps. It is made of synthetic material and features a Mary Jane strap. They give an extremely cute and sassy look to whoever wears them.

 It has a perforated design, which is kind of inspired by the ‘20s lattice pump design. It has a rear zipper, which makes it comfortable and easy to wear. The edges of this pair are scalloped. The insoles of these shoes are cushioned, which makes it very comfortable for walking in them and wearing them throughout the day without feeling any kind of pain or irritation. 

These can be worn during the day, casually, and for the night, in a classy way! The heel height is 3.5 inches, which is a comfortable and moderate heel height. The material used is PU leather, which adds to the durability of this pair of Mary Jane pumps. It can be worn with jeans or leggings, or dresses and skirts. Thus, these will become your go-to comfortable pair of pumps as soon as you get them!

Western Chief Women’s Printed Tall Waterproof Rain Boot

Galoshes, which are commonly known as rain boots or overshoes, were also a popular choice of footwear for the ‘20x women. These were popularized by the flappers. In the ‘20s women or teens often preferred wearing these galoshes over oxford shoes. This pair of galosh we have here is of imported quality and has a rubber sole. The sole makes it perfect for wearing in the winters or the monsoons. 

These are waterproof, obviously, and have a cute polka dotted print all over them. The vulcanized construction of this pair of shoes is handmade, which makes it very trustable quality. The weak spots in the seams are efficiently prevented. The shaft is 11” from the arch and the boot opening is 15.3”.  These boots are lined with a soft lining, which is made from a polyester and cotton blend. 

This lining gives comfort and is also responsible for absorbing moisture so that you stay warm and dry. The insoles of this pair of boots are very comfortable, and are removable, thus allowing the user to easily remove and clean them from time to time. The outsole is made of a slip-resistant lug which makes it easier and safer to walk on wet surfaces by providing traction. 

The outsoles are self-cleaning, so you do not have to worry about cleaning the mud off them! The heel height is 0.75 inches, which can be considered as barely anything, thus making this pair extremely comfy!

Calvin Klein Women’s Gayle Dress Pump

The step-in pumps were another popular style of pumps worn by the ‘20s women. This was considered more casual than the strapped or Mary Jane pumps. These step-in pumps have minimal decoration and a low vamp cut. Out of all other 1920s shoes for women, this was one of the simplest ones. This Calvin Klein step-in pump that we are reviewing here is made of 100% leather. 

There is no question of doubting this pair of pumps’ quality since we all know how renowned a brand Calvin Klein is. This pair of pumps are available in several colors but Caramel Leather is our personal favorite. The sole is synthetic and the shoes are of imported quality. It has a classic pointed toe, just how the 1920s women’s shoes were liked. 

The heel height is a safe 3 inches and has a stiletto design, which makes this pair extremely stylish, bold, and minimum. The material is flexible, which allows extended wear of the shoes. It features a signature gel pod, which adds comfort and support. It is a weather-proof pair of pumps, which are also slip-resistant. The sole offers shock absorption, which makes this pair very safe and trustable. Many customers have claimed it to be their go-to heels for any formal or casual event!

RF ROOM OF FASHION Women’s Knee High Boots 

Apart from lace-up boots, the collection of 1920s shoes for women also included Russian boots. These are loose and flexible boots, which made them the more comfortable choice among all kinds of boots. This pair of knee-high boots, from RM Room of Fashion, is made from 100% synthetic material. 

The sole is synthetic, giving it a strong and durable finish. The shaft is approximately 15” from the arch and so is the boot opening. This pair of boots are available in many colors, but we think this Gray Su shade gives out the most vintage look. The height of the heel is 0.25 inches, which is negligible, thus making this a very comfortable pair of boots that you can wear for hours at a go.

 It has a partial inner side zipper, which makes the boot easy to wear and allows comfortable movement. The outsole is made of TPR rubber, which makes the boots long-lasting. The insole is cushioned, which adds to the comfort of the boots and also makes sure that your feet remain cozy and warm when you wear them in the winters. 

Overall, these are an amazing pair of boots in your budget which use top-notch materials and look adorable!

Joocare Women Cross Strap Dress Pump

This pair of strapped pumps are a little different from the regular 1920s women’s shoes. The difference lies in the pattern of the straps in this one. The overall design matches exactly with a classic strapped pump, while the straps are arranged in a crisscrossed fashion. These types of pumps were also popular wear among ladies in the ‘20s. This pair from Joocare comes in a jet-black color and has a classic design.

 The material used here is leather, thus ensuring the long durability of these pumps. The crisscrossed straps are adjustable, thus, one can easily adjust them according to their comfort or how they want the straps to look. The heel height is around 2.5 inches, which is easily manageable and comfortable to wear for hours at once. The heels are a non-slip kind, assuring the safety of these shoes. 

There are two straps over the vamp of this heel. The entire pumps are lined with a moisture-absorbing material. This makes sure that any kind of moisture or sweat would not make the person’s feet uncomfortable. The insole of this pair of pumps is cushioned, which makes your foot comfortable and does not put any pressure on it. These pumps can be used for various occasions; for dancing, or any formal event. 

Overall, it is a pair of super comfy and cute strapped pumps! 

Amazon Essentials Women’s Ballet Flat

The 1920s women’s shoes not only included pump heels and boots but also included very comfortable slippers. These slippers were not basic like the ones we wear today. These were much fancier than that! They were usually made from satin, velvet or silk, and were available in several bright colors. This Amazon Essentials slipper is inspired by the classic ‘20s style slipper for women.

 It is made of 100% synthetic material and is of imported quality. It comes in some amazing colors and prints, but this plain gold one looks more vintage than the others. It has a rubber sole and looks like a ballet shoe. This slipper/shoe is used by women as an everyday use show for casual activities. But one can also pair these with a little black dress, and not worry about them looking too casual. 

It has a round toe shape, which makes it comfortable to wear. It uses faux leather on the exterior side, making it a very durable pair of slippers. The top line is gently elasticized, which makes this slipper grasp onto your feet with adequate pressure and stays in place. It is lined with faux suede microfiber which offers breathability and adds comfort. It is the #1 bestseller and is the best budget flats you will find!

OLIVIA K Women’s Kitten Low Heels T-Strap Pumps

This one is another type of the classic ‘20s pump. It is known as the T-strap heels, and as the name suggests, the straps on this pump are in the shape of the letter T. These pumps provide greater support as compared to other pumps. They were first introduced in the early ‘20s and then appeared back in the late ‘20s. These pumps are available in several colors, but this one is classic black. 

These are vintage-inspired heels, but you can be sure that they will never go out of fashion. They will always be the most elegant choice for any occasion. The heel height is 2.5 inches, which is comfortable and does not cause any trouble. The T straps are responsible for adding extra support, which makes sure that the shoes stay in place. They also make sure that your feet do not slip or turn while wearing these heels. 

They are a very cute pair of shoes that are extremely versatile and can be worn casually, or to a wedding or any formal gathering!

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