10 Best 1920s Plus Size Flapper Dresses

A plus-size flapper dress is a slip-over dress, which is loose-fitting. It may have short sleeves or long sleeves as well. The dress got its name from the term “flapper” which was used for groups of Western women back in the 1920s, who usually dressed in what was known as a “flapper costume”, which included short skirts and had bob haircuts, and believed in living life according to their own will, without caring about the society’s vision of an acceptable or ideal woman.

The classic 1920s plus size flapper dress had sequins and beads, and materials like chiffon and satin were used for them. Usually, a shimmery and shiny fabric is used for these dresses, and laces and fringes are common as well. If you are wondering if the flapper dress sounds similar to the Great Gatsby dress, then you are right, they are almost the same. 

Given below are the 10 best plus size flapper dresses available on Amazon, along with their elaborate descriptions for you to go through so that you can make the best choice for a plus size flapper dress!

10 Best Plus Size Flapper Dresses

BABEYOND Plus Size 1920s Fringed Sequin Dress Flapper 

This polyester fabric plus size flapper dress has soft fringes along with dazzling sequins and beads. The V-neck makes it a more elegant dress along with the beautifully embellished flower designs on it, which makes it a simple yet sophisticated flapper dress. The fringes at the bottom are double layered and have an irregular hem, which swings elegantly with every move you make. 

The sleeves are extremely flattering and also very comfortable. It has a side-zipper closure which makes it easy and comfortable to wear. It is available in several plus sizes, so we are sure you would find a perfect fit for yourself. The best feature is that it has a slip underneath which is extremely thin and makes the dress look better as an outfit.

It is the best option for you to wear to a 20’s themed party, or for a Gatsby themed party. It can also be worn to the prom or any other party. 

PrettyGuide Women 1920s Gatsby Flapper Dress

This sleeveless flapper dress is one of the most stylish ones on this list! It is made of 100% polyester and has a V-neck, which makes it all the more attractive. The side zipper makes it a comfortable fit and also makes sure that you can easily slip into it without any difficulty. The entire dress has a lovely pattern of shiny sequins and beads, with extra gleaming sequins at the shoulders and at the hem, which gives a dazzle to this dress. It has a tapered waist which makes your figure look even more attractive. 

The designs are inspired by the 1920s flapper costume designs and give the right vintage look. It has soft fringes dripping from a slightly scalloped hemline, which lies right below your knees and will give a gentle swing while walking or dancing! This flapper dress can be easily worn to any Gatsby themed party, or for a dance party, to the prom, or for a costume party. 

Plus Size Women’s Vintage 1920s Fringed Gatsby Flapper Dress

A polyester fabric plus size flapper dress, which will turn heads wherever you wear it! The material of this dress is thick, which proves how well made it is and how well stitched the beads are on this one. The dress is stretchy and has a side zip closure, which makes it an easy-to-wear dress that hugs your body making it look extremely attractive. 

It has a deep V-neck, which makes it a perfect party dress, along with double laced fringes at the bottom, which give this dress a gorgeous and stylish look. You will be amazed to know that the sequined pattern on this dress is completely handmade, which gives us an idea about how carefully this dress has been made. This versatile dress can also be used as a tango dress, a rumba dress, or even as a Latin dress. 

The fringes reach mid-calf and the entire dress just feels amazing on the skin. As soon as you wear this dress, a dash of confidence will boost your personality, and you will feel the best version of yourself!

Metme Women’s Flapper Dress

This classic 1920s style plus size flapper dress is as gorgeous as one can imagine! It is made of 100% polyester fabric and has a zipper closure, making it convenient to wear and attractive looking. It has a deep V-neck, like most other plus size flapper dresses. 

The main point of attraction towards this dress is its amazing and beautifully made sequined flower pattern, which is golden in color, thus making sure that whoever wears this dress becomes the center of attention wherever they go! The elastic fabric used in this flapper dress is extremely comfortable as well as breathable. The fringes drop from an irregular hem, giving it a typical 20s Gatsby costume vibe.

The dress is midi-length, thus making it appropriate for the prom, Great Gatsby themed party, flapper party, or even for an anniversary or garden reception party. It comes in a range of plus sizes, and beautiful classy colors, so we are sure you would easily find the perfect match for yourself!

California Costumes Women’s Fashion Flapper Plus Size Costume

This is a simple, yet extremely cute and stylish plus size flapper dress. It is made of 100% nylon, which makes it 100% comfortable as well. It is a great outfit to dance in since it is not at all constricting in any way and allows you to move freely. It has several tasseled layers that sway around while you dance, giving it a nice jazz vibe. 

One can wear this dress for a Great Gatsby themed party, or for any other formal party. The fringes are well made, and unlike most other flapper dresses at this range, they do not fall out after a night of dancing. The most exciting part about this dress is that you do not just get the dress, but also a feathered headband, which gives it such a vintage and authentic look, that you will actually feel like a 1920s flapper! 

Overall, it is a cute and flattering dress, which serves a simple yet chic look.

Kayamiya Women’s Flapper Dresses 1920s

A short-sleeved and V-necked plus size flapper dress, which is not the typical one, but is definitely stylish. This dress has a side zipper closure, which is carefully concealed, thus giving it a flawless look. It is made with 100% polyester and the fabric is soft mesh, which feels comfortable on the skin. The material is a bit stretchy, which gives a better fitting to whoever wears it. 

The sequins and beads are beautifully sewed in, especially handmade by skilled artists, thus giving this dress an authentic look. The neckline of this dress is something that will catch your attention since it is feminine but also maintains modestly. The hemline is above the knee, but in no way does that make this dress any less appropriate for a formal evening.

The colors are extremely likable, and can be worn for a number of events, be it a homecoming party, the prom, or any other formal event. Overall, a great choice for a flapper dress.

FAIRY COUPLE 1920s Knee Length Flapper Party Cocktail Dress 

A beautiful knee-length plus size flapper dress, which gives you the right balance between classy and fun! This flapper dress is ideal for a Great Gatsby themed party or a 20s themed party, or for any other evening party, be it a cocktail one or the prom. Basically, you can wear this dress anywhere you want to be the focus of the event!

It has a zipper closure, making it comfortable and easy to wear the dress. This flapper dress has two layers, one is the inner slip which makes it easy to wear, and the second is the outer glittery layer. The material is elastic enough to make sure that the dress is breathable, and not suffocating. 

The beads embedded in this dress are silver in color and are beautifully sewed in a charming pattern, making it look extremely fancy, yet in a subtle way. The sleeves are the best part of this dress- it is cap-sleeved and shimmery sequins are embellished on these sleeves. The detailing on this dress with the sequins is extremely intricate, and that is what the customers have loved about this dress the most so far!

VIJIV Women’s 1920s Flapper Dress

This elegant plus size flapper dress is not the typical one. It is a short flapper dress, which makes your body look as flattering as you want! It is made of 100% polyester, and has a zipper closure like most other flapper dresses, making it easy to slip into it without any effort. The sequins on this dress are a combination of black and silver, which are laid out in a beautiful pattern throughout the dress, making it a dazzling piece.

This dress feels and looks more expensive than it actually is. The best thing about this dress is that unlike other flapper dresses, this one is not limited to only a Gatsby themed party or to the prom. This one can be worn at a Christmas party, or even can be used as a bridesmaid’s dress or the perfect dress for the bride’s mother. Versatile is the word that suits this dress the most!

Dreamgirl Women’s Swanky Flapper Plus Size

As the brand name suggests, this flapper dress is every girl’s dream! This 100% polyester made dress is a combination of black and golden colors, which gives it just the right amount of dazzle and shimmer. It has some intricate golden designs near the neck and the hem, and its sleeves are fringed in a cold-shouldered fashion, giving it a truly vintage look. 

The material is kind of velvet, and the golden designs on it look extremely classy. The material even stretches a bit as you wear it, so, fitting is not an issue! The tassels are well made and are properly sewed in, so you don’t have to worry about losing them after wearing the dress once. It is a true plus-size flapper dress, and not just a medium-sized one pretending to be large! 

The best part is yet to come- you do not just receive the dress, but will also receive a beautiful sequined headpiece, featuring ostrich feathers, which will complete your entire look and take you to the 1920s era!

ALIZIWAY 1920s Flapper Dress for Women Plus Size

This stunning plus size flapper dress will make you fall in love with it the moment you lay your eyes on it! This spectacular sequined dress will make you the showstopper of the party. It is made with polyester fabric, and is of high quality, making sure that the person wearing it is comfortable. The elasticity of this dress is enough for your body to fit into easily, without feeling suffocating.

The fringes are soft and well made and look amazing when they move to and fro. It is a short-sleeved dress, with intricate beadwork on the sleeves as well as the entire body. The sequins are colorful, giving the dress an amazing shine. One thing that you can be absolutely sure about with this dress is that it is definitely not made of cheap costume material.

It is a gorgeous and comfortable dress, which fits perfectly into your body, and also leaves you enough space to dance and move freely!


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