Top 1920s Men’s Hats

Hats were quite popular during the 1920s, and whether it be men or women, everyone used to wear hats. Every occasion calls for a particular style of hat to be worn. And hence, there were different categories of hats according to seasons and occasions. 

The summers called for Panamas, Longhorns, Boaters, and Linen flat caps with light colors. The winters called for darker colors and Derbies, Fedoras, and Bowlers being the choice of the men. Let us have a look at them below.

  1. Great Gatsby 8 Panel Flat Cap

This style has got many types such as flat caps, tweed caps, cab driver hats, ivy caps, golf caps, newsboy caps, driving caps, and big apple caps. The 8-panel name is because of the design of the cap which is made of 8 triangle panels that meet at the top and a button designed there. 

This type was worn by anyone and everyone and was classified according to the classes. The upperclassmen used it as sportswear and for leisure activities and the common men used it for their work such as driving and distributing the newspaper etc. 

Wonderful Fashion Men’s Linen 8 Panel

This 8-panel applejack hat has got the style of the Great Gatsby. Made up of 100% linen, this ivy hat comes with a button closure. This hat is designed to have a lightweight structure, button top accent, and front button snaps to the visor.

 The traditional style will give you a classic look and the lightweight structure makes it easy to carry. Buy one and get the newsboy look for your great gatsby themed parties and costume parties. Apart from that, this could be worn regularly and all occasions. Best to own one during the winters. 


BOTVELA Men’s Newsboy Cap

This herringbone pattern flecked hat can be worn during winters because of its wool fabric. This ivy cap comes with snap closure and is available in four different colors.

The woolen fabric makes it durable and comfortable to wear. It would look great with your great gatsby look and apart from that it can be paired with anything you wear. This is the cap for all occasions. 


Such caps look great on The Great Gatsby tweed suits or the ones worn in Peaky Blinders. This often gives you a retro look as well. The three pieces of classic formal suits are the ones to be paired with such caps.


  1. 1920s Straw Boater or Skimmer Hat

The people in the 1920s loved to roam around and were adventure seekers. During the summers, the boater hats and skimmers were more famous due to their structure and the fact that they were lightweight. These were cylindrical hats with brims, the boaters having the larger brims, and the skimmers having the smaller ones. And there were ribbons around the bases of these hats. 

People going to clubs or colleges used to wear them. The singers used to wear these as their uniforms and theirs were known as barbershop quartets. 

Zakira Straw Boater Hat

This boater hat is handmade in Italy. The weight of this boater hat is not heavy and the dashing grosgrain ribbon band around the brim makes it a cool 1920s hat. 

100% natural straw is used in the manufacturing of this product and you can wear it in all seasons especially summers when the temperature is hot. The band has got various colors for you to choose from. This is great for your adventure activities. 


DelMonico Boater Straw Hat

This skimmer hat has got the traditional style of the boater straw hats. Sturdy Coburg straw is used to make this product and you can be assured of the quality. Grosgrain club striped band is attached to the brim. Made in Italy, this one has got the style and charm. If you want to add something unique and classic to your wardrobe then this should be your choice. 


These look great if you are planning to go boating or fishing in a summer short sleeves shirt. A summer fashion, women can also wear them with their short summer dresses and look cool.


  1. Roaring 20s Panama Hats

These were preferred by both men and women and were of two types, one with a rounded crown and the other with a flat telescope crown. These were easy to carry as they could be folded and kept in the lapel pocket very easily.

The flat telescope crown Panama hats often resembled a boater or a skimmer. The original Panama hats were very costly and hence only the privileged class could afford them and not everyone. 

Levine Hats Panama Straw Dress Hat

This optimo crown Panama hat is made in the USA. This has got the Casa Blanca style. The snap brim allows you to wear it with the brim downwards or upwards as per your preference. Made from Teflon coated shantung, the Panama hat is durable and water-resistant and will not lose its shape. 

The cotton sweatband keeps you cool and absorbs sweat in hot weather. The ribbon band is durable as well as it is sewn perfectly into the hat. All in all, it is a great choice to wear and will look great with your formal as well as casual wear. 


Genuine Panama Hat

This Panama hat comes with the option of a customizable color band. The material used to make this is tortilla straw. The entire structure is crafted by hand in Ecuador. 80 grams of total weight makes it a lightweight hat to be worn comfortably. 

Wear it during the summers and it will provide you with enough shade from the sun. The handmade quality makes it unique and the style never goes out of style. This will be a great addition to your collection. 


You can wear vintage sunglasses to get a gangster look with these Panama hats. There are various options available online for you to choose from. Get a funky style by getting one.


4. 1920s Bowler or Derby Hats

The bowler hats were formerly designed to protect the men’s heads from bushes and other obstacles while riding or ducking under branches but then it became famous among the population who did not go for rides as well. 

It was quite prominent during the 20s and was worn as a substitute to the silk top hats. Black was the topmost choice of color but colors besides black were also in fashion. Wool was the main component used to make these hats, although, for summers, straws were used they were not preferred much.

Belfry Bowler/ Derby Hats

Available in multiple colors, this bowler hat is made of 100% wool. You can have this at an affordable price and would be a great addition to your formal attire. Apart from formal, this could be worn with semi-formal attire as well. Perfect choice for theatre or costume parties.

 Would look great with your tuxedos or dress suits. This one is durable and has 2-inch rolled brim with ribbon bound edge and four inches around the crown. A leather inner band is also provided to provide comfort while the outer part is making you look stylish. 


A stylish slim fit tuxedo suit jacket would look great with this hat. Something with eye-catching color and that you could wear to your costume parties with this derby hat.


5. 1920s Fedora Hats

Previously popular as women’s fashion, during the 20s, the fedora hats became famous among the men’s attire. The brims of these hats were fashioned by people of different generations. The young men preferred the sides rolled upwards whereas the traditional men wore their brim downward at one side and upward at the other. 

The 1920s hats were often designed to not get creased but the fedora hats came with different creasing styles. Another kind of fedora hats was Trilbys with tall crowns and downward crease at the center. 

Big Boss Homburg

This trilby or fedora hat is made from 100% wool and comes with a charming wide band. If you are a fan of fedora hats then you ought to have this one in your wardrobe for sure. Carry it in your suitcase and it does not get ruined.

It is a great choice to wear during winters and especially on occasions that demand you to dress like the 1920s. A great preference to be worn at proms, costume parties, and weddings. This one has got a class!


Stacy Adams Men’s Homburg

Want to cast a spell at a party, then you should wear this fedora hat which has amazing features such as satin lining and a remarkable grosgrain. Fashion and Comfort are assured in this product. You can wear this to formal occasions.

The woolen fabric makes it comfortable to wear and the style is a classic 1920s adaptation. There is a removable feather attached to it which adds a touch of the Vintage tradition if you wear it to costume parties and if not you can wear it without the feather as well. 


Classic three-piece suits look great when the fedora hats are worn as an accessory with it. The formal look of the suits often compliments the style of these fedora hats.


6. 1920s Men’s Top Hats

The silk top hats or the beaver furs were mostly preferred to be worn with formal wear. They were in fashion for a long time, about a century until the 1920s which came with many options in the hats fashion.

These were worn by the traditional men and during political gatherings. This fashion was renounced by the younger generation who saw it as an “ugly symbol of ungodly Victorian”, as mentioned by Canon Donaldson in 1927. 

Belfry Top Hat

Available in two colors, the fabric used in this theatre quality hat is 100% wool. It is the best alternative to be worn at plays, theatres, and costume parties. The smooth leather sweatband makes it an excellent choice for formal lovers. 

The woolen body makes it an ideal choice to be worn during winters. The leather sweatband is durable even after wearing it time and again. The classic layout of the hat makes it an eye-catching selection and you can be sure to get complimented on this. 


Belfry Men’s Top Hat Satin

This 100% wool made top hat comes with a satin liner. A perfect alternative to wear at weddings, proms, and parties, this one has got the look from the fashionable western world. It also features a feather that is removable so formal or costume, it can adapt to your style in seconds. 

Apart from comfort, this one has got class and sophistication. Wear it to occasions where you tend to get some appreciation from the others. 


The top hats often look great with tailcoat tuxedos and the vintage look that the hats and the tailcoats provide, it is a must-have collection for your wardrobe. 


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