10 Best 1920s Gangster Suits

In the 1920s gangster suits were worn by men who indulged in activities like the distribution of alcohol, illegally. These gangster mobs of the 20s controlled these activities in big cities. The typical gangster costume of the 1920s included suit jackets that were usually stripped, along with matching vests and a pair of trousers. Other than that, accessories like a fedora hat, a cigar, and a necktie (usually contrasting) were also used in these 1920s gangster suits.

This look was carried by the “gangsters” alone, and not by other respectable men. The gangster suit jackets in that decade were either single or double-breasted and featured wide lapels. The pants were high-waisted and had a flat front design. By the end of this decade, pleated pants were also introduced. The vests were usually six-buttoned with notch lapels. However, all gangsters could afford a three-piece suit, and hence, some wore it without a vest while some wore a vest and not a jacket.

Given below is the list of the 10 Best 1920s Gangster Suits, which will act as a buying guide for you and help you select the best gangster suit for yourself!

10 Best 1920s Gangster Suits

Smiffy’s Men’s Vintage Gangster Boss Costume

Smiffy's Men's Vintage Gangster Boss Costume

This one is a typical three-piece 1920s gangster suit. It has a striped pattern, just like the trend back then. This suit is made of 100% polyester, which assures the comfort provided by it to the person wearing it. It has a button closure and the seller advises the customers to only dry clean this suit, ensuring the durability of the suit. The entire suit set contains a jacket, a pair of trousers, a waistcoat, a mock shirt, and a necktie. 

All the parts have a striped pattern, thus giving this gangster suit authenticity. The brand, Smiffy’s, is an extremely well-known and trusted brand in the world of costumes, wigs, and makeup, and has been in the market for more than 125 years. This gangster suit can be worn to a roaring 20s themed New Year’s Eve party, or to any other 20s themed party.

The suit allows you enough space to move around freely and does not look sloppy. Overall, this is a great suit for its price!

California Costumes Men’s Mobster Costume

California Costumes Men's Mobster Costume

This one is another classic 1920s gangster costume, which looks as authentic as can be. It is a two-piece suit, which was quite common in the 1920s. Its color is black and white, which means it has stripes, thus giving it the typical 20s gangster vibe. The suit is made of 100% polyester, which makes it comfortable to wear. It is of imported quality, and the seller’s advice is to hand wash this product so that it stays as good as new for a long time.

The entire suit set includes a vest, a pair of trousers, and an art deco tie. The vest and the pants are stripped in a pattern, while the tie has a contrasting print. The weave type on this two-piece suit is knitted, giving it a nice feel. The quality of this suit is better than you expect it to be, especially at this price. It is a great costume that can be worn to any 1920s themed parties. 

It is the best option for you if you want to buy a good quality gangster suit for a particular event, but do not want to spend much. You will be flooded with compliments on your costume!

VINCI Men’s Gangster Pinstriped Suit 

VINCI Men's Gangster Pinstriped Suit 

This suit is from the brand Vinci, which is another renowned brand in the market. This one is a true-to-size suit which has a button closure like most other 20s suits. It is made from a mixture of fabrics- 65% polyester and 35% rayon. These materials are responsible for giving this suit piece a nice and smooth touch and making it comfortable to wear. It gives a woolen feeling, thus making this suit even more luxurious than it looks.

The suit features a pinstripe pattern throughout the body, which adds to the authenticity of the suit piece. The jacket in this suit set is double-breasted like other 20s suits and is a classic fit jacket, making it look dapper. It features 6×2 buttons and peak lapels. The shoulders of this jacket are padded, giving it a sturdy look. The buttoned cuffs are non-functioning along with a chest-welt pocket. 

The entire jacket is fully lined and also has two front flap pockets with three internal pockets and two side vents. The trousers in this suit set have a pleated front and are lined up till the knee. It is a classic fit trouser and has belt loops and four pockets. It features a hook and button fastening closure, while the hems are unfinished which can easily be tailored according to a person’s size. 

This suit set is made in China and is advised to only dry clean it, to increase durability.

STACY ADAMS Men’s Mars Vested 3 Piece Suit

STACY ADAMS Men's Mars Vested 3 Piece Suit

This is a very formal-looking gangster suit inspired by the 20s style. Another trusted brand, Stacy Adams, provides this three-piece suit, which looks authentic yet dapper. This suit set has a striped pattern, giving it a truly 20s gangster vibe. It is made from blending two fabrics- 90% polyester and 10% rayon. These materials make this suit set extremely comfortable to wear, and also makes it a durable purchase.

It is an imported quality suit that is advised to dry clean only. It features a button-closure, making it look classy. This is a three-piece gangster suit set, which includes a jacket, a vest and a pair of trousers. It is a single-breasted suit with a pinstripe design. The jacket features a peak lapel and has a two-button closure. It also has a welted pocket at the left chest.

The vest in this suit has a four-button closure along with two front pockets. The pair of trousers in this suit set has a single-pleat front with rear welted pockets. It also has an expandable waist, which makes fittings so much easier. The pants are adjustable and stretchy, which adds to the comfort of this entire 20s suit set. It is perfect for any 20s themed party!

AMSCAN Mob Boss Halloween Costume for Men

AMSCAN Mob Boss Halloween Costume for Men

This 20s gangster suit will take you back to that era with its authentic looks! This suit set can be used as a Halloween costume, or for any other ’20s themed party or a cosplay convention and we are sure you will get tons of compliments wherever you wear this suit! It has a pinstriped print throughout the suit set, just like any other classic 20s gangster suit

This is a true-to-size suit set that is available in several sizes. The entire set includes a pinstriped jacket, a pair of pants, a shirt, a tie, and a pocket square. It includes everything required to complete a suit set. The jacket is black and white. The trousers have an adjustable elastic waistband, thus making fittings easier and adding comfort. 

The shirt included is a classic black color, and the tie is a contrasting red color, just like the trend was back in those days. The pocket square is also red, thus matching with the necktie. It is advised to hand wash this product only. Overall, this is a very comfortable gangster suit, which looks dashing!

Suitmeister Suits for Men

Suitmeister Suits for Men

This gangster suit is a three-piece one, which looks extremely stylish and kind of fun. It is a true-to-size suit set that is available in many sizes and colors. It features a button closure and the fabrics used are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. It is made from selected jacquard fabrics and has a slim fit design, making it look stylish yet vintage.

It features a shawl collar and upscaled buttons. The cut has a 3D draping, adding uniqueness to this suit set. It is a very affordable suit set but is not made of cheap quality or materials. The long sleeves have three buttons on the cuffs. It features one chest pocket and two flap pockets, one on each side. The trousers have two pockets and the jacket has one real pocket inside.

The entire package comprises one jacket, one vest and one pair of trousers. This suit set can be worn to several occasions- a wedding, a business meeting, a themed party, etc. The seller advises its customers to store this suit set in a hanging fashion and to only steam iron this piece to ensure high durability.

Men’s Stripe Center Vent 1 Button 3-Piece Suit

Men’s Stripe Center Vent 1 Button 3-Piece Suit

This is another striped gangster suit set, which gives the right blend between vintage and classy. It is black and has white stripes throughout, which gives it the 20s gangster vibe. This suit has a slim-fit design, which is responsible for adding a touch of modernity to this vintage suit. It features a button closure. The jacket features a notched lapel and has 3 sleeve buttons. 

Apart from this, the jacket has two flap pockets and one inner pocket. The pants have a flat front design, like the typical 20s trousers. It has slanted side pockets along with two buttoned pockets. The hemline of the pants is unfinished which allows the buyer to tailor it according to their size. The vest has a five-button closure and features an adjustable belt at the back. 

This belt helps in fittings and makes the suit look well-fitted and not lousy. The entire package includes one jacket, one vest and one pair of pants. This gangster suit set can be worn to a 20s themed party, or a wedding- yes, it is that versatile!

House Of Cavani Men’s Herringbone Vintage Suit

House Of Cavani Men’s Herringbone Vintage Suit

House of Cavani is again one of the most renowned brands in the business of suits. This suit set here is a dapper one, which comes in a rich navy blue color. It is a three-piece vintage suit. The material used for this suit is a mixture of two- polyester and wool, in 90% and 10% ratio, respectively. This is a connall style suit set, which will make you the showstopper of the party! 

The entire package contains one blazer, one waistcoat and a pair of trousers. The blazer is 36” and the pants are 30” in measurement. The print on the entire suit set is checkered, giving it the required gangster vibe. The hemline of the trousers is unfinished, which can easily be altered according to one’s size. The waistcoat adds an element of style to this vintage suit set, thus allowing you to wear this set to any formal event or a party. 

The pants are high waisted, as was the style back in the 20s, thus adding authenticity to the entire look of this suit set. Overall, it is an exceptional quality three-piece vintage suit that is stylish and authentic, all at once!

Eraspooky Men’s 1920s Gangster Costume 

Eraspooky Men's 1920s Gangster Costume 

The 20s were all about stripes, and so is this list! This classic black colored suit set by EraSpooky is another striped one, which looks exactly like it came from the 20s. It is a true size suit set that is perfect for attending any 20s themed party. It is a high-quality suit which looks costlier than what you have to pay for it. 

The entire package comes with one jacket, one pair of pants, and a shirt front with an attached necktie. The necktie and the stripes give it an authentic look. The buyer advises its customers to only hand wash this piece to assure its high durability. Apart from a 20s themed party, this suit can also be worn as a Halloween costume. The best part about this product is that it looks exactly like what is being advertised.

Be sure to grab everyone’s attention when you step into a party wearing this suit! 

Men’s Wide Pinstripe Gangster Costume Suit 

Men's Wide Pinstripe Gangster Costume Suit 

Last but not the least, is this pinstripe gangster suit set which is inspired by the classic 20s. It is a double-breasted suit, which was one of the common designs back in the 20s apart from the single-breasted one. The entire package contains a jacket, a shirt front, and a pair of pants. The blazer is double-breasted and features functional front buttons.

 There are two faux front buttons, which add an authentic touch to this suit set. The pair of trousers have an elastic waistband, which makes fitting extremely easy. The shirt-front features a matching neck-tie, which adds a formal look to the set. One can also easily pair the jacket and the trousers with a regular shirt of their choice.

 The materials used for this suit are poplin and broadcloth fabrics that are 100% polyester. The suit has wide white pinstriped over it and the shirt front is made of broadcloth. The attached tie has a hook and loop fastener at the back, which makes it easily adjustable. Overall, it is a top-quality purchase with high durability and even higher authenticity!

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