1920s Dresses with Sleeves

The 1920s was a time when most women wore sleeveless dresses. Although, flapper dresses with sleeves were also there in fashion. Long and short sleeve dresses looked equally magnificent. If you are a fan of the Great Gatsby look, then you know that the elbow-length sleeves were also quite popular at the same time as the sleeveless ones.

Hence, if you are eager to buy some 1920s dresses with sleeves today, you got several choices online to choose from and this article is going to be your guide in choosing the best.

Given below are some 1920s dresses with sleeves available on Amazon.

1920s Dresses with Sleeves

R&M Richards Long Mother of The Bride Plus Size Dress

This two-piece gown is a definition of elegance and beauty. This comfortable attire can be worn on any kind of social occasion. This 1920s beaded dress with sleeves is made up of 100% chiffon polyester. It comes with a scoop neck style which adds up to the style. The three-quarter sleeves of the jacket look amazing while covering your arms. 

This beautiful gown runs large so it is recommended to order one size down. The length runs 52 inches that hit just above the ankle so this is a nice choice for gown lovers. The jacket is an open front, sheer with beading at the front matching perfectly with the dress. The actual dress also has beading at the front of it. There are godet pleats on the skirt.

 The gown itself is sleeveless so you can wear it with or without the jacket, whatever suits you. Although as the title suggests, the dress is suitable for weddings and can be worn by the mother of the bride or the groom, you can also wear it to other social events, formal and evening parties as well as at church. There are a variety of colors available to choose from.

Zeattall Women’s Mother of The Bride Groom 3 Piece Pant Suit Beads Chiffon Wedding Dress

This 1920s wedding dress with sleeves comes in a wide range of colors and sizes. The main fabric is 100% chiffon. This is the perfect choice to wear at weddings. Apart from that, you can flaunt your style by wearing this at proms and evening parties as well. 

The mother of the Bride or the Groom can choose this one to stand out from the crowd. You can wear it if you are a wedding guest as well. This one is also great for a cocktail party or a night out with the ladies. The color ranges from bright to modest and you can choose according to the mood of the occasion. 

The length of the upper jacket runs below the knee level and the sleeves are going to cover your arms entirely. This is a classy choice for a formal meetup as well.

Gatsbylady London Glam Fringe Flapper Maxi Dress in Black

This roaring 1920s flapper dress with sleeves is beautifully designed and embellished front and back. The fabric is 100% polyamide and the dress is made with soft stretch tulle lined with soft stretch lining. The sleeve length is ¾ which covers elbow length. 

The soft fabric stretches by one size so it is highly breathable and provides enough room which makes this one a super comfy choice. The shape is a slight A-line. This beautiful art deco magnified dress is handcrafted and the details are mesmerizing. The beautiful fringes at the bottom give you a gorgeous look with every move you make in this dress. 

This 1920s flapper dress with sleeves is perfect for dance parties where you get to steal the show on the dance floor. With every twist and turn, you are going to steal many looks from around the room. This provides a perfect 20s look and is great for Great Gatsby themed parties, evening parties, and proms.


Jhichic Women’s Plus Size Embroidered Capelet Maxi Dress Mesh Lace Evening Gown Elegant

This 1920s evening dress with sleeves adds a touch of elegance to your style. Available in four different colors, this is a perfect formula dress to be worn. The boat neck style and short sleeves look super adorable. Other features include a sheer metallic embellished overlay at the bodice that makes you look trendy. 

The boat neck style allows you to wear neckpieces and the entire dress looks great with stunning jewelry and high heels. The dress also features a side zipper which makes it very easy to wear and provides a great, comfortable fitting. A hint of flare is provided at the hemline to provide you easy and comfortable movement.

This is a stretchable dress with excellent features to make a fashion statement at your evening parties. This is a great choice for balls, cocktail parties, weddings, the mother of the bride and/or groom, bridesmaids, guests at weddings, maternity dress, and casual parties.

Betty Vintage Inspired Fringe Dress in Black

This 1920s evening dress with sleeves is a perfect portrayal of 20s fashion. This graceful dress is embellished front and back. The length of the dress is above the knee level but the fringes at the bottom of the dress run below the knees and look super charming while you walk or dance in this dress.

The sleeves run long that cover entire arms and the entire dress is decorated with details. The fabric is 100% polyamide which gives a great look. It is made with soft stretch tulle and complimentary soft stretch slip. The slip lining complimentary feature is a plus point of this dress. 

This one could be worn as a costume as well and it is a perfect choice for cocktail parties, night outs, and proms. The handmade quality of this dress gives it a vintage look and can make you the star of the evening. 


Aris A Velvet Burnout Duster

This 1920s velvet dress with sleeves is of imported quality and comes with button closure. The mandarin collar neck style gives it a formal look that qualifies it to be a formal dress as well. The long sleeves cover the entire arms and are see-through. The fabric is 100% silk. It comes with a Chinese robe style and has a velvet trim.

This Velvet Burnout Duster dress also features a loose silhouette, and velvet knotted toggle buttons that run along the placket and ends at around thigh length. The fabric is luscious and is going to feel smooth against your skin. 

The velvet touch anyway adds a touch of class and elegance to your style and this dress is going to make you a topic of conversation and you will get a lot of admiration on wearing this to occasions such as formal meetings and evening parties.

Chicago Vintage Inspired Maxi Dress in Champagne Blush

This Chicago Vintage inspired maxi dress from Gatsbylady London is a two-piece dress and the actual dress is sleeveless which you can wear it like that as well and can wear with the upper portion as well which is see-through and perfectly matches with the dress.

The dress is made with soft stretch tulle lined with soft stretch lining. It is a super comfortable dress which runs long so it is a great gown to be worn at casual parties and weddings. The polyamide fabric in champagne blush color gives a luxurious look to you. There is a zip closure at the center back of the dress. 

The dress comes with a blouson bodice and the fabric stretches by one size so it is comfortable and breathable. You can walk with style in this adorable 20s style evening dress and look like a diva. It is perfect for Gatsby themed parties and goes perfect with headbands and other accessories. This one is a perfect choice for proms as well.


R&M Richards Women’s 3 PCE Laced Duster Jacket Shell and Solid Pant

This beautiful three-piece laced duster jacket shell and solid pant is a perfect set to wear to occasions where you want to leave a mark. The glittery look is going to attract so many glances at you that you will feel like the center of attraction during the entire event. 

This beautiful dress comes with an all matching concealed zipper closure. The jacket and the tank of this dress are 72% polyester, 25% nylon, and 3% spandex. The lining of the dress is 100% polyester. Only hand wash is recommended for this dress and no dry cleaning is required for this dress which is going to save you money! The three quarter sleeve length covers until beneath the elbow. 

The appearance of this dress makes it look more expensive than it is and hence, adds up to your luxurious taste at a reasonable price. This dress is true to size so you need to order your actual size. The length is perfect, the fabric is comfortable to wear and there is no need for Spanx.

 This dress is a perfect choice to be worn at cocktail parties, weddings, evening parties, and other social occasions. The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom can also wear this to look unique and stylish at the wedding.

R&M Richards Women’s Plus Size Two Piece Glitter and Lace Pant Set Large

This 1920s evening dress with sleeves comes in plus size and a three-piece set. The entire dress is fully lined and there is no zipper closure for it. The inner tank is a pullover and the jacket is open upfront. The shimmer lace tank comes with matching lace detailing and the solid trousers are a perfect match for it. 

The fabric of this dress is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Only hand wash is recommended to protect the fabric. The dress is embellished with sequins shell. It is a comfortable dress to get through a party night and have a great time. You are going to be complimented and ask about the details of this dress for sure. So be ready for all the attention you are going to attract. 

The material of this dress is very light and feels soft. You are going to feel relaxed while carrying yourself in this dress and it does not wrinkle also so you do not have to worry after washing it and wearing it for the second time without ironing. 

This outfit is gorgeous and you can order one size down as the jacket and the trousers are spacious and might feel a little baggy if you order your regular size. Overall, it is a great choice and you are going to carry it smoothly. It is a great alternative to wear to your workspaces as well.

R&M Richards Women’s Beaded Chiffon Jacket Dress

This 20s beaded dress with sleeves comes in 100% polyester fabric. It is made in the USA and perfectly portrays the era of the 1920s. It comes with a scoop neck style which is going to give you a bold look which was the motto of the 20s. 

This dress runs large so you need to order one size down to make it fit perfectly. The jacket is open front and the entire front portion of the jacket and the dress is beautifully beaded and the detailing with which the job is done is gorgeous. The dress has got a slightly fitted bodice with godet pleats at skirt. 

Apart from being open in the front, the jacket is sheer with three-quarter sleeves. The long bell sleeves are embellished with vented cuffs. The length of the dress hits just above the ankle and the entire dress is fully lined with 100% polyester. 

The dress is a perfect option for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom. Apart from that, this can be worn to formal parties, and evening parties as well. There is more than one color to choose from so you can pick up the one that suits you. 


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