1920 was all about fashion. The sumptuous and ever-changing fashions seen on “Downton Abbey”, helped in evoking the Jazz Age contemporary fashion of the 1920s into beaded Art Deco-style evening dresses, fur-trimmed coats, cloche hats, and strappy shoes. The “Downton,” introduced new looks, as skirts became shorter to show off ankles and the lower leg. There was no longer an emphasis on a teeny-tiny waist. Lady Edith follows this trend. In the 1920s, skirts rose to knee-length, and flappers rolled their silk stockings down to below the knee to flash a bit of skin.

Daytime dresses, often made of velvet, were romantic and flowery with lots of ribbon and silk embroidery in designs that echoed Art Deco motifs. Many day dresses were constructed with a sheer tunic over a coordinated slip that was meant to be seen. The romantic styles of the 1920s looked back to the feminine details found in historical clothing. All we can say is that 1920 was one of the most interesting periods of fashion and the series “Downton Abbey” made it more interesting. Here are the top 10 “Downton Abbey” dresses you may love to try once. 


Women’s 1920s Dress Sequin Art Deco Flapper Dress with Sleeve

Absolutely beautiful and classy dress. If you like the flapper style of dress, then you will love this one. It’s flattering and eye-catching, comfortable, and a conversation piece – you’ll feel glamorous whenever you wear it. This dress has a slight v neck which adds more elegance and sequin embellished along the neckline, beading paisley deco between the sequin lines proves it to be outstanding. Front and back are identical and no tags. Sleeves are nice especially if you’re not thrilled with showing off your arms.

At the bottom, the tassel hemline moves with magic, catching the light when you walk or do the charleston and you’ll look fabulous and vintage dazzling in this dress when attending your 1920’s party or other special occasions. The burgundy color with the black accents and gold trimmings is simply stunning in person. The effect is rich and elegant. For a true 1920’s flapper effect, it fits a bit too perfectly. With contemporary shoes and accessories, this dress can easily step from the early 20th century into the early 21st century.

Women 1920s Gatsby Cocktail Sequin Art Deco Flapper Dress

Have a 1920s themed wedding to go to. Rentals are expensive! then this dress is perfect to choose. If you have a smaller top and larger hip and thigh area, then no need to worry, this dress fits perfectly It is designed to “hug” the hip area, as the dress is stretchy and is super comfortable. Length is perfect, lining just barely above the knee with the fringe below the knee. The beadwork is beautiful.

The zipper is on the side under the arm. The material is nice, not cheap and for the price it’s amazing. The dress is gorgeous and classy looking and also covers up the body’s imperfections while still having great style. It is a beautiful and very stunning dress. Can it become a showstopper of any themed party? You cannot be wrong about purchasing this beautiful dress! so why waste money renting one, just go and grab yours.

Faux Fur Collar Shawl Women’s Neck Warmer Scarf Wrap Evening Cape for Winter Coat

An attractive addition to a winter outing For women who value simplicity and elegance, cute by themselves or attached to a jacket or sweater. Fox Fur is long, soft, and fluffy. It offers warmth & style! Great as a scarf Stays nice and flat and you won’t face any issues with it moving or falling off. They can instantly make any outfit such as a sweater, jacket, or dress look elegant. It also has a slit on one side so you can tuck one end in the other to wear around your shoulders. 

All you need to do is drape it over your shoulders and use the invisible fur clip to snap the collar closed securing it in place. For a more formal look, this collar will look sensational worn over a sleeveless evening dress. This is a much nicer option than another style that just has some elastic on the backsides and has a nice finish for an evening that doesn’t require a coat (unless you are layering) and unless you don’t want to wear a fussy shawl. 

Women’s Vintage Lace Gatsby 1920s Cocktail Dress with Crochet Vest 

This dress draws inspiration from the straight silhouette and drop waist style popular during the 1920s and echoes the style of an unforgotten era with a modern interpretation. When worn together the two items create a beautiful ensemble that will transport you back to the jazz age and make you feel like a guest at a lavish Jazz Gatsby party. The sleeveless midi dress comes with a detachable crochet vest that can be worn with other outfits and adds the perfect vintage-inspired touch.

The top is see-through. It fits perfectly and you can pair it with an old-time hairstyle and some pearls. The floral lace dress features a soft to the skin lining making this a fashionable yet comfortable dress you can wear all day. Perfect not only for your Roaring 20s themed party, but also as a cocktail dress, wedding/ bridesmaids dress, or a gift for the vintage lover in your life.

1920s Long Prom Dresses Sequins Beaded Art Deco Evening Party V Neck Back

Vintage 1920s style gatsby costume dress which can turn out to be amazing! The 1920s and Harlem were a beautiful Renaissance period with class and sophistication. I believe this dress truly embodies the era. This dress is a must-have. The front and back of this dress are decorated with sequined paisley with zipper closure in the back. Can be worn as an evening, party, wedding cocktail dress. 

It is black. The sheer bottom is very classy and sexy. The sheer top is also very sexy and beautiful. The fabric is like a soft netting and is stunning and heavy the way you’d expect a beaded dress to be. The length is not as long as a stock pic, wear 2 and a 1/2 inch heels and this hits the floor exactly with no dragging. Amazing dress for the price. It fits so beautifully and is beyond flattering! This dress can turn out to be a showstopper for you.    

Women’s Vintage 1920s V Neck Long Bias Cut Sleeveless with Flutter Sleeves Bowknot Flapper Dress

A great choice for evening dress, prom dress, homecoming dress, bridesmaid dress, wedding dress, and vacation dress. 20s Vintage Style swing dress has plenty of stretches and no lining. This vintage dress is super classy and gorgeous. It can be worn every day or as a costume for a 1920/30’s look. Just curl your hair and add a flapper headband and you’re good to go. The price is right for something you will wear just a few times. 

Best of all, this dress is very pretty and a simpler 20s costume than all the fringe and sequins that wouldn’t be what everyone else is wearing to the themed party. The color is very pretty, rich red and the fabric is nice, the sort that you could pack it tight into a suitcase and not have to worry about having it pressed on arrival, and it felt very comfortable, even when things got warm on the dance floor. This could also be worn as a “Modern-Vintage” piece making you look elegant.

1920s Knee Length Flapper Party Cocktail Dress with Sequined Cap Sleeve Layer Tassels Hem

This 1920’s style flapper dress is a sequined cap sleeve with a special pattern formed by beads making the whole dress dazzling and eye-catching and will reveal your graceful posture as it will just fit you like a glove because this dress is made of stretchy mesh fabric, and it is separate slip lined to make it more comfortable to wear. It is snug in the waist which gives you an hourglass figure and don’t worry it’s not too tight.

The bottom layers of the hanging tassel move beautifully during walking or dancing. The detailing of the dress is so intricate and the quality is outstanding. The beading is so pretty and the color is like gorgeous rose gold! This dress is perfect and is well worth the price. Good choice for Great Gatsby Parties, Weddings, Proms, or any special occasion you want to be dazzling.

Women’s Flapper Dresses 1920s V Neck Beaded Fringed Great Gatsby Dress

This dress will make you look pretty and feminine in it. It is a Gatsby dress which is made of polyester, beaded & sequins that would be sexy and perfect and the price is also worth it looks more expensive than it is, which is something you must be looking for plus it doesn’t look too “costumey”. The sequins are attached perfectly and are sparkly. The fringe is in layers and looks full.

It’s a heavy dress with no loose beads or sequins. The neckline isn’t too low and the shoulders provide ample coverage of any support you may wear. Great Dress for Cocktail, Prom, evening, event, Christmas, dance, and for 1920s party and can also be used as Latin dress, tango dress, rhythm dress, and rumba dress. It fits like a glove! .This dress is beautiful, well made, and is a total hit!

Women’s 1920s Beaded Fringe Scalloped Petal Plus Size Flapper Dress

Dance the Charleston, this vintage dress would be your preference as this is an inspired vintage charleston dress for roaring 20s. The back has the same pattern as the front. The material is stretchy and comfortable, with no extra heavy beading or sequins added so it’s lightweight for your light-footed dance at a party. The dress is well made and also fits very well. Featuring crew neck, front deco with a bunch of applique petals, insert with a plastic shaped strip along the petal edge, making the flower more lovely and nice with texture. 

You can play it up while styling it with some fishnet tights, a chunky little heel, some gold jewelry, and a headband. This dress can be worn on a special occasion, cocktail party, Halloween, gala,1920’s Themed Speakeasy Murder Mystery, Dinner, wedding, ballroom, performance team, far more than a costume you need, absolutely full of inspiration no doubt, it is a showstopper dress creating a sensation. All the women around you will rave. 

Women’s 1920s Inspired Flapper Dress High Tea Great Gatsby Maroon with Tiered Skirt 20s Dress

Flapper your way into style this season with this gorgeous waist dropping, jaw-dropping 20s style glamorous dress carry it with an art deco-inspired Shawl and you will have heads turning at any parties. The dress is for Cocktail, Prom, Event, Evening, Christmas, Dance, 1920s Party, Great Gatsby Party, Art Deco Party, and Flapper Party. This is probably the most authentic silhouette of a 1920’s dress you can find. It has a nice detailing that runs from shoulder to waist, too.

Then you can get some kick and fluff from the ruffle style at the bottom of the dress. The dress is lined and light and very comfortable. This dress fits like an ‘authentic” 1920’s dress–below the knee, drop-waist, looser. From my research, this dress seems more true to what was worn in the ‘20s, and with some nice accessories, it looks just right!  All I can say is that it is a very pretty, non-stereotypical flapper dress with soft fabric and rich vibrant color; looks more expensive than it is. This dress is AWESOME! it is thick enough to smooth over any lumps or bumps but still light enough that you feel that 1920’s vibe.

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