10 Best 1920s Bridesmaid Dresses

We all are aware of the amazing 1920s fashion. The trends back in the ‘20s are so evergreen that they can be worn even today, and not look old-fashioned. So were the 1920s bridesmaid dresses. These dresses can be considered fashionable even today.  They were full of shades and shimmers, like all other ‘20s style dresses. Sparkles are kind of the symbol of the ‘20s, and hence, the bridesmaid dresses of those years were sparkly and glittery as well!

Some people host ‘20s themed vintage wedding receptions even to this date. Usually, at these weddings, the bride wears a vintage-inspired lace gown featuring beads and crystals like the classic ‘20s, or may also wear a modern dress with just a few elements resembling the vintage ‘20s dresses. In this case, the bridesmaid’s dresses are usually something contrasting to the bride’s dress. 

A common trend followed to decide the bridesmaids’ dresses is that if the bride is wearing a Great Gatsby dress, then the bridesmaids wear a modern dress, while if the bride is wearing a modern dress then the bridesmaids wear a vintage flapper dress. These bridesmaids’ dresses are usually in a subtle shade of a pastel or a darker hue. If you are in charge of deciding the bridesmaid dresses for the ‘20s themed wedding, then this page is going to help you a lot! 

Given below is a list of the 10 Best 1920s Bridesmaid Dresses, along with their detailed descriptions, so that you can get the job of deciding bridesmaid dresses done easily!

10 Best 1920s Bridesmaid Dresses

VIJIV Women’s Vintage 1920s Bowknot Flapper Dress

The first dress to catch our eye is this elegant and simple vintage dress. It is available in many colors, but we think the burgundy one looks the best. It is not a very extravagant dress like most 1920s dresses. It is simple, yet classy, thus the perfect option for a bridesmaid dress. It is especially perfect if the bride is going to wear a Great Gatsby themed dress. This would create a contrasting look with the bride’s dress, giving the party a nice theme.

 The dress is made of 100% polyester, making it comfortable to wear. It is of imported quality and needs to be maintained properly to keep it as good as new, for a long time. This dress has a pull-on closure, which makes it easy to wear and also takes care of the perfect fitting. It is a sleeveless dress featuring flutter sleeves and a dress bow inspired by the ‘20s flapper dresses decorations. It is knee-length and semi-sheer. 

Overall, this is a perfect bridesmaid dress that is retro, but does not look like a typical costume by any chance!

1920s Long Slit Mermaid Bridesmaid Evening Dress

This one is undoubtedly one of the most stunning bridesmaid dress options we have come across! Its color, design, and shimmer, everything is just perfect! It is available in several colors, but none match the beauty and elegance of the black one. It is made of 100% polyester, which makes it a comfortable and durable dress. It is of imported quality as well.

 It features a zipper closure, which makes it easy to wear. It also ensures the perfect fitting of this dress. It is a full-length dress, and the most attractive part about it is its front slit. It has a deep V-neck, which adds to the boldness of this dress. The entire body of the dress features a beautiful pattern embroidered with black sequins. 

These sequins are responsible for adding a dash of shimmer and glitter to this stunning maxi dress. It has a full lining on the interior side and features a built-in bra. It has spaghetti straps and has a moderately low back. Customers have claimed it to be a well-fitting and comfortable dress. 

BABEYOND 1920s Art Deco Fringed Sequin Dress 

Babeyond dresses are always high-quality and attractive, and so is this one. This 1920s flapper dress is a great option for a bridesmaid dress especially if the bride is going to wear a modern dress and the bridesmaids aim to create a contrasting look with the bride. This flapper dress is available in many amazing colors, but the dark green dress caught our attention at once. 

The color will look amazing as a bridesmaid dress at the ‘20s themed wedding. It features a zipper closure, which makes fittings easier. The dress is made of 100% polyester and is comfortable to wear. It has soft fringes at the hem, which is uneven. The entire dress has beautiful beads and sequins embedded in a floral pattern. The beads are golden, which pop out from the green fabric of the dress. 

Bridesmaids wearing this dress can also add the ‘20s themed accessories, like a headband or a bracelet, which will help in giving off a more classic ‘20s look.it is a very elegant dress which looks much costlier than it is. A well-made dress, which will remain your favorite dress, even after the wedding is over!

Long Maxi Sequin Mermaid Bridesmaid Evening Dress

This one is another beautiful ‘20s style dress for bridesmaids, which offers the right blend between elegant and simple. It is available in 7 colors, but we love the black beige one the most, because of its contrasting looks. It is of imported quality and the seller advises it to be hand-washed only so that it remains in the best condition possible. It features a zipper closure, which makes it easy to slip into it without much effort.

 The dress has a polyester lining on the interior side, which makes it comfortable to wear. The entire dress features a beautiful embroidered pattern of sequins, which adds the right ‘20s touch to it. The base of the dress is beige colored and the beads embroidered are black, thus creating a bright contrasting look. It does not feature a built-in bra, but it is lined throughout its length. 

This dress is kind of a balance between vintage and modern. Its sequins and beads scream out to the ‘20s, but its subtle color adds a touch of modernity. So, bridesmaids can wear this dress even if the bride is planning on wearing a retro Great Gatsby themed-dress, or a modern-day wedding dress.

Anna-Kaci Womens Vintage Lace Gatsby 1920s Cocktail Dress

This one is the most unique 1920s bridesmaid dress on this list! It is a two-piece dress which comes with a vest as well. It is made from 100% polyester fabric, thus quality and comfort are not an issue. It is a mid-length dress, which is perfect for bridesmaids. The crochet vest included with this dress is detachable, thus one can wear it separately with another outfit as well. It has a floral lacy design, which has a soft feel on the skin. 

It is perfect for wearing for long hours without feeling uneasy or suffocated. It is available in 6 pastel hues, but we adore the beige colored dress. The dress has a scoop-neck design while the vest is V-necked. It is sleeveless and is completely lined throughout the dress. Apart from a ‘20s bridesmaid dress, it can also be worn to any casual or semi-formal event. Overall, this will turn out to be a very comfy bridesmaid dress!

Angel-fashions Women’s Gold Sequin Evening Gown

This one is another beautiful gown that we couldn’t help falling in love with! It is a modern dress, with just the beads being inspired from the ‘20s. This is a great option for a bridesmaid dress, especially if the bride is planning on wearing a classic ‘20s themed dress or a Great Gatsby dress. It would create a contrasting look for the bridesmaid, which is what most people aim for.

 This dress is available in a royal blue and a gold color, but we love the gold one more! The base is black and the beads are golden, which makes this stunning gown look bright and sizzling. It features a zipper closure, which makes it easy to wear and takes care of a good fitting. It features a built-in bra, and the material is a bit stretchy, which adjusts according to your body and gives a gorgeous look. 

The dress is sleeveless and features an art-deco pattern throughout. It also features a two-layer lining on the interior side. One layer is fully-lined while the other is half-lined. It is a floor-length bridesmaid dress, which has a halter neckline. The sequins on it are extremely detailed and intricate. The most stunning part about this dress is that it has a see-through back, which takes this dress to another level of stylish!

Metme Formal Evening Dress 

Metme is a trusted brand in the world of amazing dresses, and this beautiful evening gown is one of those amazing dresses! This dress is slightly inspired by the classic flapper dress, but otherwise has a modern touch and feel to it. It is available in about 15 colors, with this black-pink combination being the most unique one. This dress is made of 100% polyester and is of imported quality. 

The base color is a pale pink and the sequins on it are jet black. This makes sure that the patterns of sequins are clearly and brightly visible. It is a floor-length gown, which has a beautiful mermaid cut. This typical cut is responsible for showing off your curves perfectly, in a subtle manner. 

The hem of this dress is delicate and long, which is a modern trend that came into the fashion world just around 2 years back. This adds a nice touch of modernity to this bridesmaid dress. It is a perfect choice for bridesmaids if the bride’s dress is something fancier!

Women’s Flapper Dress 1920s V Neck Beaded Fringed

This one is a typical ‘20s flapper dress which can be used as a bridesmaid dress if the bride’s dress is a modern one. Out of all the colors available for this dress, we think the beige one would be the most suitable since it is a very subtle and elegant color. This dress has a zipper closure, which is the best choice for any dress. It is made of polyester, which ensures the comfort and quality of the dress.

 It features sequins and beads all over the dress in a certain pattern, which is completely inspired by the typical ‘20s flapper dresses. It is a sleeveless dress and falls right above the knees. The fringes are elegant and soft, which move about in a little sway with every move you make. It has a V-neck and fringed-hem design. 

The bridesmaids can pair this dress with a ‘20s style headband and some ‘20s style pump heels to make the entire getup look more authentic. Overall, this is a well-made dress that will turn out to be a perfect bridesmaid dress for a ‘20s themed or Great Gatsby themed wedding! 

Women Vintage 1920s Beaded Cocktail Dress

The first impression you will get after looking at this dress is “WOW!” It is one of the prettiest dresses I have ever seen! Be it the colors, or the sequins, or its modest look, everything adds to this dress’s beauty. It is made of 100% polyester material, thus taking care of the high-quality. Bridesmaids can wear this dress irrespective of whether the bride is wearing a flapper dress or a modern wedding dress because this dress is neither too vintage nor too modern. 

The beige color would suit bridesmaids more rather than the other darker shades available in this dress. It has a zipper closure, which makes it easy to put on. Beautiful goldish sequins are embedded on this dress in a flowery pattern, which is sure to grab a lot of attention. It is not lined within, so you will need a slip to wear underneath.

 It features a beaded half-circle material over the chest, which creates a nice peek-a-boo kind of look. It is a very well-made dress which is reasonably priced and is utterly gorgeous!

Vintage Gatsby Bead Sequin Art Nouveau Deco Flapper Dress

The last 1920s bridesmaid dress on this list is going to be a classic flapper dress! This elegant flapper dress caught our eye the most in its wine red shade. The color adds a kind of class to this amazing dress and we think bridesmaids would look amazing in this dark hue of red.

 It is made from 100% polyester, which makes it a high-quality and comfortable-to-wear dress. It is of imported quality and the seller adds special washing guidelines for this dress so that it stays as good as new for the longest of times. It features a zipper closure, like most flapper dresses. The dress is lined on the inside entirely, so you do not need to wear a slip underneath.

The neckline of this dress is round and has a metallic cable chain. The entire dress has stunning black sequins and beads embellished beautifully. It is a knee-length dress that features light fringes at the hem, making it look like a classic 1920s flapper dress. Customers have claimed that this dress fits like a glove and is extremely well-made with beautiful beadings all over it!

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