The name says it all - You and I Fashion Styling. Saying - “You and I will do this together.” It’s quite personal with one to one shopping and wardrobe sorting services. Amrita will help you mould your wardrobe to benefit your everyday life whether it be a day with kids, attending a party, hosting an event, corporate styling or a wardrobe makeover.

Wardrobe Overhaul

Whether you need a quick seasonal freshen up or need to make sense of the chaos that is your overflowing wardrobe - I am here to help. I will help you to create a clear sense of style and purpose for each item in your wardrobe so you can leave the house with confidence and a sparkling mood.

As human beings, we are these amazing creatures who's mood changes almost every............
(Let's just say everybody is different). With mood - colours we wear (Block and or Print) , styles, accessories and shoes also changes.

How do you like your wardrobe? The colours, the textures, the length, e.t.c!

Yes, you want to be able to find the perfect outfit before you run out into the wild, busy world with an apple in your hand, looking fab-u-lous!


Refresh and Reinvent

3 hours consultation putting together outfits from your wardrobe and advising on how to update your look (client pre-sorts wardrobe)



Complete Overhaul

6 hours consultation for those who need help sorting out the mess in their wardrobe before moving onto putting together outfit suggestions (for those who struggle to sort wardrobe themselves)



In order to save yourself time and money - It is a good idea to pull aside pieces you haven't worn for a while as you come across them. Throw away pieces that are OOD e.g torn, old, stained. Keep a seperate pile for getting mended if needed. It is my job to guide you to decide on the outfits and how we can give it a fresh look. 

Personal Shopping

Your wardrobe can leave you baffled on the best of the days! So many things to wear but there is "nothing" to wear. That nothing to wear means............ I NEED SOMETHING DIFFERENT! 

Well, something different is as good as a holiday or sometimes even better and cost effective. You may only need to tweak your wardrobe with some signature pieces... Whoop!

This session can follow from your;

1. Wardrobe consultation
2. You have pieces to wear but need ideas on how to dress it up/ down
3. Your wardrobe needs a total re-vamp

Our mood does play a pretty big part in choosing our outfits. One of the reasons why you will benefit from You & I shopping together! No more wasting money nor time. Yes to that!

* Tailored Packages available on contact.


The Voyer

Shopping made fun and easy for Men & Women...
3 hour package including light meal



The Wedding

 One of the most iconic days of your life! Brides, Bridesmaids, Grooms, Groomsmen, to dressing the kids and the entire family...
3 hr package for 2 including light meal

(package negotiable on head count).




For the fast paced with no time and
drowning in events...
1 hour


Kids Formal Life

Yes, to this one Parents!!!
3 hour package
including light meal


Make - Up, Skin Care and Deportment

My duty as your stylist is to make you look and feel good from your head to toe! Which means your make - up, your hair your nails and most of all your stance and how you carry yourself. This is not lightly taken... Your posture is important for your wellbeing, confidence and guess what? It makes you and your outfit look fabulous! You may have teenage kids who you have concerns for with any of these challenges as well so why not treat them to this very special event which they will be thankful for their entire life. Most importantly this is meant to make you feel wonderful, strong, masculine or feminine.

The good news is that this is part of your Styling Packages so don't hesitate to write down and ask questions about any challenges you might be facing in any areas stated. Remember you are not alone!

Your consultation is complimentary without any obligation for a limited time only! Whether, it is over the phone, webchat, whilst kids are asleep or face to face meeting. Whichever it is please email me or call to make an appointment.

See you soon.

In the world of fast growing business, social media is one of the most
experimental and influential ways to drive your business and to share your wonderful products to your community and beyond. 

Creating the right images to showcase your work and build connections is challenging. Composition, lighting, styling are all skills that don’t necessarily come easy to most people. That is where I am here to help advise you on building your brand imagery and in creating well thought out content for your social media marketing. 

The following packages are tailored to build your business by creating a foundation on social media

Whether your target clients are to be inspired, left in awe, or wanting your products. It is necessary to post fresh shots and original layouts to keep your audience engaged.


1 social media layout + 1 story - $85

4 social media layouts + 2 stories - $250

7 social media layouts + 3 stories - $450

21 social media layouts + 6 mix of stories, highlights & videos - $1000


Products will be styled, shot and returned within one week of arrival unless requested or given specific directions by designer/agent or retailer. 

You &  I Fashion Styling only posts their own original content so all fees are inclusive of original content generation. 


Video is a particularly engaging medium for connecting with your audience. Through video I can tell a story and really showcase your brand. Most of my creations are compiled in a video as per the example below.

Which brings me to videos - you will find that videos will get more clicks and views on platforms like Facebook and its great to have a short video on your website as well:

2 minute video: $110