Amrita has at least 20 years of experience in the Fashion Industry. Her personal experience ranges from the catwalk to camera and film. As a stylist for luxury boutiques she has developed many tricks in snapping a refined look tailored for each client. The name says it all - You and I Fashion Styling. Saying - "You and I will do this together." It's quite personal with one to one shopping and wardrobe sorting services. Amrita will help you mould your wardrobe to benefit your everyday life whether it be a day with kids, attending a party, hosting an event, corporate styling or a wardrobe makeover.


The Story

You and I Fashion Styling stands for fashion and lifestyle, in driving you towards the right direction, in knowledge, in choosing correctly, in matching what you have with new. We stand for looking good, feeling good, for happiness, for going into your wardrobe and choosing your outfit with confidence every day of the week.

Dreams do come true and with time great things are made to happen. Enjoy life and be invegorated by those small things we can do to create a great frame of mind to tackle the day. Whether it is a dive in the ocean after a stretch and a massage at 7am or enjoying the feel and swish of a fabric that is as delicious as taking a bite out of chocolate or the satisfaction of greeting a stranger with a lovely smile and a pleasant greeting. 

You and I Fashion Styling understands that life is filled with highs and lows, that we need to be driven but also to rest - in being balanced. My role is to show you how to find the hidden treasures in your wardrobe, how to use colour to lift and enhance your mood and how to move forward with a confidence that sparkles.


Becker Minty
Store Co-ordinator

Lisa Ho

Duo Fashion and Jewellery
Store Manager


Arthur Galan


Why Celebrate Shopping with You and I Fashion Styling?

There are so many daily errands, chores, work obligations which occupies your mind. Yes, for most shopping used to be a fun exercise but with growing busy schedules and recurring deadlines we get caught up and ahead but when you look at yourself in the mirror a rush comes over you thinking “what happened to my style and why am I dreading going out shopping?" How will I choose out of so many options? Do I have a friend who will be free to come out and hit the shops with me? One of the main questions faced by all is “how can I work this into my budget?” and for new mothers out there the most daunting question is “how am I going to dress my post baby body?"

All these questions are easily answered and like any important task this is easier ones you see how much you know about yourself and your body and this is what makes You & I fashion Styling stand out. I not only offer you the service of a Personal Stylist but as a figure of inspiration and encouragement in your daily lifestyle.

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